It’s weird…I always can’t be bothered on a Monday to do much…that first day feeling after a great weekend and then everything is set back and you have to go through it all again to get to the weekend…I always feel the same about it…love Saturdays…hate Mondays, always have done and I bet I always will…why the hate for Mondays anyway…it’s just another day of the week? However, I think food is a better place to discuss this…you know the stuff we need to survive in this world apart from Money and somewhere to live…food! I am a fussy eater who enjoys the same thing over and over again and it’s not like I hate certain foods, I just don’t fancy having them today! It’s not just children…grown ups can be fussy eaters as well!

I also always order the same thing whenever I have a takeaway…why is that but from I can see…I will always order the same Pizza or Curry, never that interested to try anything new….same flavors…same old! I’ve never understood that but could it have something to do with my Autism? I don’t really know but I’m the only one I know who does this…I’m a bit of a fussy eater, always have been…quite picky and I won’t be forced to eat something that I don’t want to….I used to say I’ll skip dinner altogether if I didn’t like the dish…and sometimes my parents would let me…which is fair enough, they made the food and worked hard but I refused to budge. It won’t matter to me about that at the time…later on I’ll have calmed down but it’ll be to late by then. Ok, maybe I will try new foods but it’s mostly by accident that I’ve discovered I actually like them…like Donner Meat on my fiance’s takeaway a few months…I tired one piece and liked it…so now I have that as well! Funny how that works, discovering if you do try it, you might just like it!

Weirdly though, when I go on holiday, I’ll try new things and not throw a fuss but when I’m at home, I’m fussy but why is that…do I feel more comfortable away from home to make my own choice on what to eat? Is it pressure that could make me a fussy eater, knowing that I have to eat what is in front of me or starve? I’ll admit that on holiday, I know I have a lot of choices and I like it better that way, it’s up to me and I prefer it that way! I don’t like not having a choice…drives me insane and when I’m told I have to eat something, I automatically choose to not eat it…my mind is already made up and it can’t be changed because you’ve angered me by not at least asking first…if you had asked first if I’d actually want it or not, I might have eaten it…I don’t know…I just don’t like the phrase ‘Eat your dinner or don’t eat anything’ I know people don’t want to make the same things every day…but if your not actually eating it then does it really matter to you? Or should it? I’m not asking for Caviar 7 days a week…only 5! Lobster on weekends!

How about ‘What would you like for dinner?’ I mean I wouldn’t always choose the same thing every single time…but at least give me the option, I’m not a little child, I know I need to eat my 5 a day and eat all the right things…I don’t know…slow day today.

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