Do I think we can beat Bayern Munich this week? The answer to that is of course I think we can! But do I think that we should? Well…my answer would be No and hear me out, I’m a massive Arsenal fan, don’t get me wrong…I’ll be one till I’m long gone from this world but this week, we will not be beating Bayern Munich at the Emirates, the best I see is a draw…I’ve seen Arsenal get a win over a team that they thought they’d lose to, lose focus on what’s important and throw it all away! And for me, the Premier League matters more than the Champions League!


True, beating Man United is always good and all of, amazing in fact! But they aren’t as strong as they once were as of yet…We have also gotten overexcited about beating Watford FC and no disrespect to that team but their not exactly Bayern Munich…a team that is unbeaten so far this season and to be honest, I think beating Munich might actually be bad for us… do us more harm than good!I mean how elated will fans be by beating Munich? Over the moon, we’ll predict that we can go on and win the whole thing! Would our focus shift away from the Premier League which I think should be our MAIN FOCUS this season! And onto a cause that I don’t think Arsenal are ready for…yet? I don’t think Arsenal can win the Champions League yet, our squad can’t do that yet…none of them know what it’s like to win the Premier League and winning a Champions League might just be a step too far as of right now for the team! I would love us to win it! Of course I would! But when a rare opportunity to actually challenge for the Premier League presents itself, surely, we should care about that more this year, right?

Until we win the Premier League again, I doubt we will ever get close to the Champions League Final ever again! Sad but likely true, I mean…would a loss to Munich be the end of the world for us? A win over Everton this weekend and possibly Man United beating City would likely put us on top of the league by goal difference! If we win the League then I’ll think we have more of a chance to progress in the Champions League next season…the players will know what it’s like to win the big one by then, they’ll have a real taste for it! I know we’ve won F.A Cups and Shields recently but they don’t compare as much to the Premier League title! We’d be really confident then!

Winning the Champions League this season with in form teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG and Bayern Munich is asking too much from us really…Sure we have Ozil, Sanchez and Cech but is that enough? The other three English Clubs will likely progress out of the group stages or possibly finish 3rd but unless we beat Munich or will all 3 of our last games, we look set to crash out of the Group Stages and I’d prefer 4th to 3rd so we avoid that Thursday night game, 3rd would be a disaster because that would be the Champions League and more than likely the Premier League as well! It’d just be the Europa League and would winning that make Arsenal Fans happy? I know I would be! But we want the Premier League! It’s been 10 years since we last lifted it and I’m tired of everyone reminding us about that! This could be our best chance to lift it once more and I’d rather lose to Bayern Munich on Tuesday and go on to challenge for the Premier League than win the game…get over confident and screw up everything! Not saying we would but…our chance of winning the League is greater out of the Champions League than in it! Our day in the Champions League will come but babysteps! one thing at a time…win Premier League…then Champions League!



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