Well let’s look at who he has beaten so far in his championship reign

  • Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns (Wrestlemania 31)
  • Randy Orton (Extreme Rules 2015)
  • Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton (Payback 2015)
  • Dean Ambrose (Elimination Chamber 2015) Dean Ambrose won via DQ but Seth retains
  • Dean Ambrose (Money In The Bank 2015)
  • Brock Lesnar (Battleground 2015) well Brock Lesnar won via DQ but Seth retains
  • John Cena (Summerslam 2015) Also wins the United States Championship
  • Sting (Night of Champions 2015)
  • Kane (Hell In A Cell 2015)

And now he faces the Demon Kane at Hell In A Cell and more than likely, Kane will be added to the list, in fact I might as well add him now…I’m that sure that Seth will leave Hell In A Cell with the Belt still…much to my annoyance but my question is…is he an actual good champion? Raw Ratings are at an all time low and have fallen during his reign but it’s not Seth’s fault this has happened…not at all, well I don’t think so! He can wrestle circles around most of the roster and will be a great superstar for years to come

Yes and No I think…we all know what Seth can do and how much effort he puts in to what he does….a breath of fresh air for the future of WWE…however…he isn’t good in the way WWE has booked him to be a coward champion which for me doesn’t work because Seth Rollins can beat anyone on their best day…why does he have to act so scared all the time…because that’s what Heel Champions are meant to do? He can be a great Heel and not be a coward in my opinion…yeah he runs his mouth because we all know he can back it up…it’s not his fault the Curb Stomp is banned for now!

The question after this would be…when is Seth going to lose the Championship? Many theories come to mind next…I.E The CM Punk Theory…which is Vince won’t want CM Punk to have the longest reign in so many years…so keep the belt on Seth Rollins because

  • Roman Reigns isn’t ready yet
  • Sheamus….yah because Sheamus=ratings, I wouldn’t put it past Vince to have Sheamus fail to cash in against Rollins
  • No one really wants Cena to equal or break Ric Flair’s Tittle record
  • Kane is past it although he deserves one last run to say thank you
  • Would a part timer like Brock Lesnar solve problems with the ratings so low and the belt barely ever seen?
  • Daniel Bryan is a risk at the moment, he could just get injured once again
  • Randy Orton probably wouldn’t get the ratings back up that much to solve problems
  • I doubt WWE believes Dean Ambrose can be a great WWE Champion at the moment
  • Dol- hahahaha get real!

So that only leaves one person to try and take the belt off Rollins and it’s one that would give the internet so many new memes and GIFS etc Triple H…with a rumored match to be happening at Wrestlemania 32 if the Rock and Triple H is a no go then we would see Seth Rollins vs Triple H and since I can’t fathom a realistic wrestler to take the belt off him, I have to go with Triple H facing Seth but I don’t think he would be not winning the championship… really, Triple H? I mean it would be cool to see it one more time and all but would that solve the Ratings issue or just give the IWC more to hate on because Triple H will have ‘buried’ another talent…Seth will likely hold onto the belt until at least Summerslam 2016, here’s why

A.J Lee’s record was broken by Nikki Bella…A.J Lee is CM Punk’s Girlfriend and left the company which WWE has not gotten over so naturally they will erase this record in a sort of middle finger gesture to Punk and WWE will think Roman Reigns is finally ready by then so after beating Kane at Hell In A Cell…Seth will probably be stuck facing Reigns, Orton or Ambrose once again because they will all have nothing to do since the feud with the Wyatts looks set to end at Hell In A Cell

I still think Reigns will be the one to finally win the Belt of Rollins which I like and hate because it’s another up and comer and let’s face it…WWE wants him as the next big thing

  1. I’d have Kane win at Hell In A Cell…retain at Survivor Series and drop the belt at TLC to Seth Rollins in a TLC match which then starts the Road To Wrestlemania storylines! Think about it, Kane gets his thank you reign, maybe Seth becomes a face as the Authority stands by Kane…Seth wins the belt back and starts his feud with HHH whereas Kane can move onto another feud.
  • Do you really want Seth facing Orton, Reigns or Ambrose for the millionth time for the next few months?
  • Kane deserves one last run (Nostalgic moment and all that)

or 2

  • Seth beats Kane at Hell In A Cell, Kane then destroys Seth then Sheamus cashes in and wins the Championship…Authority turns on Seth and Seth spends next few months fighting Sheamus for the Championship…beats him at….Royal Rumble then starts feud with HHH up to Wrestlemania

This one could happen, I mean we all know Sheamus and HHH are buddies backstage so a tittle reign wouldn’t be that shocking but no one really gets behind Sheamus in the WWE Universe! he’s more boring than badass! I think it would fail big time, not what WWE needs now

  • Kane defeats Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell then Sheamus cashes in….same as number after afterwards except Kane holds the belt one more time but I’m sure many would complain because it’s even shorter than his first reign!

Look, I want Kane to have one last run…after everything he’s done for the company…he deserves it…do you ever hear him complain in interviews or anywhere about how his career has gone…nope! he gets on with it and tries new things…can still perform…imagine Cena agreeing to have so many wrestlers beat him…not in a million years!

  • Seth Rollins beats Kane by DQ, then beats Kane in a NO DQ match at Survivor Series, stops Sheamus cashing in, stays champ until Wrestlemania…beating Reigns, Orton, Ambrose…maybe even Taker in there somewhere before facing HHH at Wrestlemania ┬áthen loses belt many months later to Roman Reigns…

Who knows what will happen! Seth Rollins future looks confusing because WWE could change their mind, left, right and all the way around…WWE looks desperate to raise ratings…maybe a popular star from the past will hold the belt.,..Taker maybe…HHH…Give Cena that 16th Reign…

Point is Rollins is a good champion but he could be so much better!

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