Tonight is the big game…Arsenal face Bayern Munich at the Emirates in a match that could have so much significance in the Gunner’s season…win or lose so then…who’s ready for a clash tonight? the biggest game we’ve had in years…one with such importance for all fans whatever happens, we’ll either cheer like crazy or be full of regret and sorrow.

In an earlier blog, I asked whether it was better for the team to win or lose this game because of the chance we could have to go on and win the Premier League this season…it doesn’t come by everyday and I think we should focus more on the Premier League than the Champions League…but Can Arsenal Beat Bayern Munich?

I said yes but should we and to that I said no…I want to win the Premier League because we have a more realistic chance of doing that then winning the Champions League! being knocked out wouldn’t be so bad in the long haul! of course I’d love us to beat Bayern, it’d be amazing! However…even if we somehow got through to the knockout stage…would we go much further…I don’t think we could…I would want us to have a winning mentality and winning the Premier League could give us that! Plus if rumors are true then next season will be Wenger’s last one…imagine if he wins the Premier League this season…then next season…one last go at it…champions going for the one prize Wenger has never had, the Champions League…it’s sounds nothing more than fantasy but I think our best chance of ever winning the Champions League is first winning the Premier League!

We will turn up and we will fight tonight, no doubt about it but to have that mentality to overcome an undefeated team like Munich might be too much on this day…doesn’t mean that a year from now…things could be different for Arsenal!

My predicted score Bayern 3 Arsenal 2

A close match but I just can’t see our boys beating Bayern Munich at the moment…whatever happens, we march on to face Everton this Saturday…back to focusing on the Premier League and hopefully a win!


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