151021190725-julia-sesame-street-autism-exlarge-169I’m sure you have all seen this picture by now, I don’t see how you haven’t…it’s all over the internet. Sesame Street are introducing a brand new character called Julia and yes, she has Autism! Now I don’t know about you but I think that this is amazing to finally happen, it feels like a long time coming that people with Autism are being represented on a show like this, where everyone can see just how someone with Autism asks and compassion and understanding can be learnt early on by everyone else who when I was young,didn’t have a clue what Autism is! So hopefully, for the future generations, a more clear understanding will be there for all. ¬†Something I think is long over due, I have no idea why it’s only in 2015 that a character like this is coming along…seems like something that would have been useful ten years ago as well but better late than never, as they say!

sesame-street-autismI would have loved a more clear understanding when I was younger but clearly it was there but that doesn’t stop the future generations from having a more clear understanding of just what Autism is, then hopefully more will be compassionate and more understanding of it and easier lives will be had by all because no one with Autism wants to be bullied because of it and I hope that Julia can help younger generations to understand that anyone with Autism might act a little differently but they can still be your friend, you just have to have a little understanding and patience, get to know them and you’ll see that in reality, they are just like everyone else.

sesame-street-autistic-muppetOf course, an app called Sesame Street and Autism: See All In Amazing Children includes a digital storybook where Julia is introduced and with the help of Elmo, Julia is understood by their friend and because of this, understanding is had and friends are made which in truth is what we all want! A bit of understanding in why we act how we do and that we just want to live our life’s, make friends and be like everyone else, why is that so hard to understand? ¬†#SeeAmazing Awesome by Sesame Street for wanting to do this!

Hopefully, the stigma that has come with Autism is taken away and the world sees that it helps people with Autism be ale to life their lives a little bit easier and that just because someone with Autism might not appear that they want to be your friend, most of the time…it’s the farthest thing from the case, they do want to be your friends, Autism doesn’t need to be an uncomfortable and confusing topic…it can be understood and accepted a lot easier and for the sake of all children and adults with Autism, I hope that is so because from someone with experience of growing up in a world that wasn’t aware really of Autism, I hope that in the future, kids growing up don’t have to go through the life where other children bully you for it, they can grow up around people who understand and accept them and I think that is a much better place to be.

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