Well I’ll be…I got a score correct this time! 2-1 to Arsenal was the final score this evening as Arsenal go on top of the Premier League for the time being! Rounding off a memorable week for Arsenal…thank god! Overall a very good game, worth watching, especially after the entertainment factor called Jose Mourinho as he gets sent off by a Referee and loses 2-1 to West Ham, causing his team a 5th loss so far this season! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy if you ask me!

Giroud and Koscielny headers won us the day and even though Everton got a goal back, we were able to hold on for the vital 3 points and we all now wait in anticipation for the outcome of the Manchester Derby…if City win, they return to the top but if United win, we may stay on top via goal difference which would be amazing! what a week it has been for Arsenal as we have defeated Watford, Bayern Munich and Everton in the space of 7 days! Not bad for a team that everyone accused of not being able to be genuine tittle contenders but with Chelsea fading further into the Premier League basement, Manchester United not being fully restored to their glory days behind Ferguson and Man City always being on and off, Arsenal have to be considered to be genuine contenders to win the Premier League.

I was hesitant about the Bayern game, saying that we should have focused more on the Premier League as we had more chance to win that and in a way I still stand by that but beating Bayern was memorable and topping the Premier League this evening was the cherry on top of the cake! with the Capital One Cup and Swansea on the horizon before our other Bayern Munich match in Germany, we have a chance to get two wins on the trot!

Man of Match: Ozil- he is our engine, he keeps things goal and is the assist king!

Next Match: Sheffield Wednesday (27th October)


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