jh8LeYou know what…If I were that bus driver who had driven Arsenal all the way from London to Sheffield…I would make them walk all the way back, the team, the manager, the lot! I don’t care if it was the 1st, 2nd or 3rd team out there tonight, it was humiliating to lose in that manner to a Championship team and no offence Sheffield Wednesday! You deserved the win tonight, clearly wanted it more than us but we had experience in that squad, you can give me the youngsters speech all you want, we started with Chamberlain, Flamini, Cech, Metresacker, Debuchy, Gibbs, Chambers, Giroud! more than half the squad was experienced and yes, we were very unlucky to have Chamberlain and Walcott injured in the first quarter of the game! but we were a strong side and still got smashed by Sheffield 3-0! if it was 1, I wouldn’t even be mad, 2…well it would depend in the manner of the game but 3-0 and not to mention that it didn’t take them long to get the goals was utterly humiliating and before anyone says, it’s only the Capital One cup, bigger fish to from your acting like this piece of silverware means nothing! Why, when Chelsea have won it recently, Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool. they’ve all won the cup in the last decade so why is it no big deal that Arsenal don’t win it? 1987 we last won this trophy…bit of a stretch really because even Spurs have won it after that!

We really looked uninterested and I felt it was disrespectful of us to not really care…it’s silverware and would have been great to win, I mean yes we have more time about focusing on the Premier League but what about the F.A Cup? You know, that trophy we’ve won 2 yrs in a row? Is that also just a distraction as well for the Premier League and Champions League? Oik, so going out isn’t the end of the world, just now we have Sheffield to join Birmingham and Bradford as teams that have beaten us in this competition now! Why should any team be afraid of us in this competition, we’ll just botch it as usual because we don’t care about this cup…for some strange reason…funny for a team that took a decade to finally win a cup to not want one of them!

I’m not mad, just disappointed in the manner of how tonight went down, I just hope we don’t carry this form on into the game against Swansea, I mean if Walcott is out…Giroud didn’t look all great tonight and as for Debuchy, you can keep your mouth shut about not getting into the first team! It’s pretty clear why that is…I think I hear Newcastle calling, better answer! If we beat Swansea…that’ll be ok, we’ll have moved on from this result, I just hope it isn’t the start of a downward spiral for the club who got too confident after beating United and Bayern Munich…like we usually do!

Get better soon Chamberlain and Walcott!


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