Arsenal_FC.svgvs Sheffield_Wednesday.svg

Capital One Cup time! We travel to the city of Sheffield to take on The Owls, Sheffield Wednesday and whilst it’s very easy to assume that we will get through this fixture with little to no issue with the Championship squad, allow me to utter one word that will bring all Gunners crashing back down to Earth…Bradford! Remember them?! They beat us in this competition so I for one will not be taking this game lightly at all because with our history, we have often ended up on the losing when we have gotten too confident and arrogant about a good run of form! And let’s not forget that Sheffield have beaten Premier League Team Newcastle with their 2nd rated squad as well, it wasn’t even their strongest team and they still won! this season so they are no pushovers so Arsenal need to be careful, take them seriously and I think we will easily win but if we go in assuming it’ll be a walkover and they come at us with full force, we will be in trouble! I’m Sure Newcastle assumed they would easily get through because they are in the Premier League and all Premier League teams easily beat lower league opposition!! Right?!

I think we will win this game, comfortably in the end but my word, Sheffield only need one or two chances and they could steal one here! One question though, how many Gunners would lose their cool and be upset if Arsenal were knocked out tonight? If they were, would we just say that it’s only the ‘Mickey Mouse Cup’  and not worth winning although many will see it as a trophy worth winning, it’s a good cup to win! I’ll go for a 3-1 win for Arsenal tonight and we move on to the next round full of confidence! What I don’t want to see is another team humiliate us and join Bradford and Birmingham in that humiliating category!


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