This ones awkward for me because as much as I don’t want to or don’t intend to offend anyone with Autism at all, it’s pretty hard to not to in a way because Autism is so vast and different in many ways that it is extremely difficult to not put across every single aspect of it…ever tried to explain it in great detail to someone who has never heard of it and not get a confused or bored look? A prime example of this is this character here


Recognize her? That’s right, the brand new Sesame Street character Julia! Everyone’s talked about her recently as a change, a welcome one if you ask me and she has Autism, yet many people have been left dissatisfied in many ways because she does not show every single part of Autism, such as very High Functioning Autism  and here is one picture I found regarding this matter and it took me a while to find but I remember seeing it on a Facebook page sometime ago and it got me thinking, how does anyone go about talking about Autism without offending someone really? I mean, really? If I got offended every time some one had an issue with what someone thought about Autism, I’d be offended daily!


First off, I get it…but at the same time I understand that it is extremely hard to get all aspects of Autism across because there is SO much of it, every single person with Autism is different in a particular way whether it come down to hobbies, obsessions or fears, dislikes etc I could go on here but we can all agree that the main ones include socializing, confidence and let’s say facial expressions and emotions but we can’t expect Julia to show all signs of Autism because not one person with Autism does! Maybe if they had introduced another character with Autism in a different way? Perhaps but one thing I have learnt about Autism is how hard it is to pin it down and know everything about it!

I get it, Autism is a touchy subject that many people can find awkward in certain areas, many people worldwide have it in different ways and we all live our lives differently because of it, some live ‘normal’ lives and some aren’t able to. Many people don’t understand what Autism is and others do, we want Autism to be known all over the world and for everyone to be understanding that all we want is to life our lives, like everyone else…get jobs, go to College, get married and be happy, nothing should stop anyone from doing that

Of course there are many things that people shouldn’t talk about like finding a cure or anything to do with Autism Speaks, none of those things help at all because what we want is just to life our lives to the fullest and without being looked down upon and having others assume we can’t do anything because we’ve been labelled!

What makes it difficult is how hard it can be to explain Autism because if you don’t mention absolutely everything about it, you might just insult someone because in this day and age, you can insult someone so easily compared to 20-30 years ago…you have to watch your mouth so much nowadays, it’s unreal! How do you explain something like Autism in full detail without insulting people? it’s difficult because of the variety of Autism, I mean like it’s been said before…no two people with Autism are exactly the same!  It’s complicated! Confusing! But when something new like this comes along like a new character with Autism then why do so many complain? I don’t see a problem with her at all, I think she’s a fine example of someone with Autism and I hope she can help explain just what Autism is to the current and next generation!

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone gets offended by this blog for whatever reason, because they might think I’m bad mouthing people with Autism which is ludicrous! Maybe I’m overthinking it as well, who knows…I just feel strongly about it because I would like to have a conversation about Autism with someone else without a taboo topic coming up, and the topic being deleted because someone’s offended! I just find it strange how no matter what happens, whether a blog pops up, a new TV character or someone has an opinion about it, someone has to get on their high horse about it because their life has been so affected by one persons opinion on the matter! I know some people don’t like Julia and I do but I won’t lose any sleep over that! why can’t we all just get along, we all have Autism or know someone with Autism, everything has highs and lows….not everything about Autism is perfect but so what? Tell me anything in this world that is perfect? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could say I have Autism without getting a confused face or a raised eyebrow?

If I offend, I apologize! I never try to offend anyone, I believe that Autism can become more understandable in the future, of course it can! And it definitely will, I’ll always believe that!

So can we just not get so highly offended when someone thinks it can sometimes be a little complicated trying to fully explain Autism without getting offended if not every single trait of Autism is explained or if something comes along then it must have something to do with Autism Speaks, that group means nothing to me, they will never make me think they can make Autism more understandable and better in this world, if anything they make it worse…don’t talk to me about that group, that video of theirs is enough to make anyone’s mind up!

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