It’s been a while since we emailed so I thought I’d send you one, now I know that over the past year I’ve been a hand full and I’ve been hard work, words have been said and things done but despite all of that I believe we have both grown stronger, both in mind and in understanding, I continue to see things in a different light than which I had done before and I have learned many a thing since we started going out about the world, myself, you, my future, life and the world of work. you’ve made me more confident and stronger, you’ve made me want to keep working towards want even though now I’m not sure what I want, I’ve started being more careful with money and I take in what you and my family say even if they may conflict. I may still find it hard to keep myself off Sims but I plan to start that this time for real this year setting myself a set time and setting myself a routine, cos otherwise I would forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on. I am happy that you told me about your Autism, you found the confidence to confine in me and I am forever touched by that. It doesn’t matter to me, you never had to try and hide it, I love you no matter what…and I always will you silly billy.

I wait for the day I see you to be held by you, and whenever I see u I cannot help but think of the future I know that it must sound silly, on the way back to mine after almost making you cry with my kind words and my heart of gold to hear you say that within the next 5-6 years I think it was that you were going to propose to me my heart just flew I felt myself melting and I felt myself wanting to cry with happiness cos my life without you is nothing and and…………….. well must I say anything.

I find it hard to express my feelings fully online or by text but when I’m with you I just melt. I feel myself overcome with emotion and all I want to do is hug you, kiss you and sleep next to you all of which I long to do without having to watch you leave afterwards and find myself having to go. you know it still pains me to leave you there all on your own, sure I know you have your flat mates but after sleeping in the same room as you a t- shirt doesn’t compare its hard sometimes to get to sleep knowing your all alone however many miles away. No matter what happens if u go to London I’ll be going with you

I’m lost without you Matthew I need you

Two weeks in the same room and the same bed in the summer heat in Tenerife will be hard to recover from when we have to part ways once again, once again sleeping in a small room in a single bed away from you

Now this is all quite long and soppy some would say so I would not be shocked if I do not get a reply and you are most likely to find out about this email though msn lol

I love you Matthew you forever and always in life and in death now and forever xxxxxxxxxxxx

From your most grateful and loving girlfriend


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