I have an obsession, one of many but I’ll just focus on one of them because I could go on forever if I went into all of them. This blog is about obsessions as such because people with Autism can tend to enjoy things to their fullest extent, as in for example, I can enjoy the same things over and over again and not really ever get bored of them

Mystery Disappearances- Yeah, that’s right…people who disappear or are murdered and no one can quite explain how it happened is fascinating to me, I can read so many stories or watch documentaries on this stuff all day because, it’s fun to think up how it happened…I don’t know why but I just love this stuff…in fact I’ve already written a couple of blogs regarding a mysterious disappearance and a murder that can’t be explained Flannan Isles Mystery and the Hinterkaifeck Murders which both gave me sleepless nights and had me checking my attic whenever I heard a noise at night time because their is just no explaining either of them, how they came to be or how they can really even happen



Have you ever been awake in the middle of the night in bed, unable to sleep when you hear a strange noise, one that your not familiar with…it’s probably nothing to worry about really, nothing out of the ordinary, unless it’s not!

How do I even start off with this story, well it happened in Germany in the 1920’s and…just look at that picture, that creeps me out enough as it is, I mean this story happened on a remote farm in the middle of nowhere! an entire family is wiped out in the middle of the night mysteriously and to this day, no one knows who or why? Of course people have ideas of who it might of been but there is no real evidence as too much time has past and no things like DNA would be about to determine who was the attacker unlike today where we rely on things like DNA to track down killers.


Most of the family is murdered in the barn, led in one by one but come on…surely if you were 3rd or 4th, you’d have noticed that something was going on, I mean if you were eating dinner and people vanished off to the barn, you’d be hesitant, right? And how did this person even persuade them all to even come along with him, it had to be someone they knew…I mean if a stranger came along and asked you to come along with him to the barn at night, would you? No….it must have been someone they all knew, it just had to be.

The family’s maid and even the baby in the family were not spared, they were murdered as well. The maid had only been hired and had recently arrived on the farm herself, shame she didn’t see anything suspicious before hand

  • Who murders an entire family like that and is never found?
  • How was the murderer never found when many clues were about the house such as footsteps in the attic, a newspaper no one recognized or a missing set of keys?
  • Also, their were workers who worked on the farm, surely someone would have seen a stranger wander onto the land and said something to the family….I mean their were footprints leading from the nearby woods but none leading beyond or back, that’s where you know someone is there…somewhere yet they never found anyone.
  • All points lead to one thing, the murderer was more than likely, a family friend or someone they knew at least, I mean if this person snuck onto the farm and no one spotted anything, maybe that’s because they were among them the entire time. I mean the footsteps in the attic and no one there, the keys…all accessible to someone who knew the layout of the place and knew…where to hide!

The victims in this murder were Andreas Gruber (63) and his wife Cäzilia (72); their widowed daughter Viktoria Gabriel (35) and her two children, Cäzilia (7) and Josef (2); and the maid Maria Baumgartner (44). May they all rest in piece

Flannan Isles

Just one more piece, Flannan Isles Mystery- Read It Now this one is just as spooky in my opinion but in it’s own right…I mean this happened on the tiniest of islands of the coast of Scotland in 1900


Three Lighthouse keepers, James Ducat, Thomas Marshall and Donald MacArthur mysteriously vanished off this tiny little island in 1900 and to this day, no one really knows the fate of them…how do three men simply vanish from a tony little island? the most accepted theory is that they were all washed away into the sea, never to be seen again…HOWEVER! their are things that make this a little strange to have happened, such as

  • The last diary entry in the log book was the 15th of December and it mentions

 Storm ended, sea calm, god is over all

What is strange about this is that no storms were about that time at all, not to mention that they were all inside a brand new lighthouse, so they should have been safe, right? And as well as this, one of the men was known as a tough guy on the mainland, yet it was written down in the log that he had been crying which makes no sense at all. One other thing was how did no one from the mainland not spot anything wrong with the lighthouse, at night it can be seen because of the light from the lighthouse but on the 15th of December at midnight, an American Steamboat noticed that it could not see the lighthouse light on which was strange…had something happened at that time?

It fascinates me as to what the fate might have been of these three men and I narrow it down to two possible outcomes

  1. A Rogue Wave – All three men were outside at the time, even though one of the oilskins was found in the lighthouse so one of them was not wearing theirs…why? If nothing serious was going on then why go outside without it on when it is against the rules to do so?
  2. Murder- If it wasn’t a wave an a freak accident that killed all three men then I will assume murder, accidental perhaps…say one of them accidentally knocked another over the rocks into the ocean and killed the other so he wouldn’t tell before killing himself out of guilt…who would know…they were all isolated and alone, and it could explain the strange writings in the logbook about a storm, an attempt at a cover up perhaps?

So if there was no storms in the area, why is it written down as such in the logbook? Had they all gone mad from the isolation, was there an accidental death that led to the death of all three? Was there a storm? All we can do is speculate but alas, we will likely never know the fate of the three lighthouse keepers.

To conclude, a strange occurrence is familiar with both stories, i.e they both happened in isolated areas…one one an island and the other one a farm in the middle of nowhere but I could look at these kind of tales, and think about how and why all day!

But try to not let a sudden noise at night affect you too much, it could just be…the wind.

More Soon

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