Good evening and salutations people! it’s November yet it’s not cold yet? Stupid Global Warming…then again it kind of is our own fault for that when you really think about it! That’s a irreversible mistake! Or so they say, I don’t know what would happen if we stopped all the greenhouse gasses for about 300 years or something….who knows really but that would be way long after I’m gone of this planet! Also this week, on a Facebook chat, I saw someone upset that their football team had lost and they got a bit angry and someone commented with this

Calm Your Autism

It wasn’t even an Autism page…what was that all about?

This week has been a week of relief for me as my last week before hand was one that caused me stress and worry so it’s nice that this one was able to deliver a sweet taste of relaxation as it was a more easier and stress free week to go through which is nice to have because lets face it…no one wants week in, week out of nothing but stress, anger and fear!  I think my head would implode if I had too much stress and I’d have a meltdown but it’s true what they say…learn from your mistakes in the past and prevent the same ones happening again, true you can’t always but the majority of the time, you should be able to!

For me, reliving mistakes is a horrible thing, I like to imagine myself as someone who can learn from his mistakes and become a better person because of them, we’re all human and we all make mistakes but for me, it’s what you learn from them that is the important part because it shows that you learned something and are more aware and smarter because of it, rather than making the same mistakes over and over again!

How is it that the fear of making the same mistake again, makes me that much stronger as a person? I’m that determined to overcome and adapt that I’m more focused I guess so I’m more confident and I’m trying that much harder to prevent history from repeating itself so much that it doesn’t really ever do so, thumbs up for overcoming!

I guess for me, My Aspergers comes in with the worrying over making a mistake or doing something wrong! I have been told time and time again that everyone makes mistakes and all that but for me, it’s all I can think about really and it’s frustrating sometimes because it’s negative thinking and that’s not good to do all the time, what if positive thinking was an obsession???

So overcome obstacles such as mistakes can be done by learning what it was that caused the mistake in the first place, remembering why you shouldn’t have made that mistake then chances are you’ll be more aware and determined to not do the same thing again, hence you don’t make the same mistake again, great success!

So if you’ve made a mistake recently and don’t know what to do, simply think back…what went wrong and what can you do the next time to prevent the same thing from happening, things should be fine if your aware and confident!

More Soon

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