Tottenham Hotspur, well done for bringing your A game today, it was a good game and I can admit that for the majority of the match, you were the better team but Arsenal fought back to gain a respectable draw via a Gibbs equaliser and Ozil with yet another assist! a Good North London Derby to be honest, it was back and forth, full of drama, a striker that wouldn’t have hit a barn door today and a set of Spur Fans that trashed the Emirates Loos…ok then

barn-doorAs for Giroud, how many chances does one man need in a match to score, he had more than enough and still couldn’t put any of them away…I miss Walcott! International break now and Arsenal are level with Manchester City who also drew with Aston Villa today and are only behind by goal difference! One can’t help but kind of see this as a missed chance to go top but a draw is much better than a loss in my books so well done lads because, truth be told…we could have easily lost! ¬†Spurs team looks really, good…Kane, Eriksen, Ali, Dembele, Lloris, all really good players and I think Spurs can do well this season, whether they can get 4th is another matter as of right now but if Chelsea can be down in 16th and Crystal Palace can have Liverpool’s number, then why not? But why would I, as an Arsenal fan give Spurs any sort of praise? I’m meant to despise them because they are our main rivals, right? Well apart from the rivalry, I’d be an idiot to say that they weren’t good and have a decent future, they look like they will actually stick with their manager for once and they even have a new stadium on the way! I’m not saying they will automatically match us year in and year out but one day…in the future, I wouldn’t be surprised if Spurs were on par with us! However, I don’t think they will ever¬†overtake us on trophies or history at all, not a chance, after all London is Red!

Of course I think Arsenal are the superior team, by miles but for the first time in a long time, Spurs have a good manager and a good set of players, they are on a roll and we have to take them very seriously, after all, they had more chances and possession today so Spurs, I commend you for bringing it to us today and who knows, with Chelsea down there…you may perhaps…get lucky this season…maybe!

Good game by both teams, Arsenal is par on top with Manchester City at the break….that’s a winner in my eyes!

Man of Match: Ozil

Villain of Match: Giroud


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