Arsenal_FC.svg 519px-Tottenham_Hotspur.svg’s Derby Day…that match that North London can’t wait to see, who will emerge as the winner and have bragging rights? Say what you want about our season, say how we lost 5-1 to Bayern Munich (We beat them as well!) say how we lost to Sheffield Wednesday (yeah…that one’s fair enough!) but today…we move on from those two results because we have ourselves a North London Derby and I want a win against our rivals and yes, Spurs are our main rivals…I know some people think it’s Chelsea but its Spurs, our noisy neighbors! they talk an awful lot but their bark is far worse than their bite…although they claim otherwise and this is laughable, they still think they are the better team than Arsenal?! You read in the papers every year that one of their players claims that their squad is better…then they go and lose to us, the same thing happens the year after and you wonder…why do you think this when you always lose…what makes you think your better than a team you barely ever beat? That’s like Darlington thinking it’s better than Middlesbrough! (Ok, I know they are leagues apart!) but the point is one of those teams is far more successful! and every year, they say…we’ll get top 4 this year…really…when you have Manchester City, Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea all about…you really think you can knock one or two of those teams away from the top of the mountain? and yes…I know Chelsea are down near the bottom but they’ll be back, you’d be a fool to think that this run of bad form will continue all season long, no way they’d put up with it for Jose Mourinho, remember…no one is bigger than the football club, not Mourinho, not Wenger…NO ONE!… Anyway, despite the fact that they

  • Haven’t finished above us since 1995
  • Haven’t won the Premier League since it began in 1992
  • Haven’t won the English League since 1963!

They still claim that they are better than Arsenal in every way and form…true every now and then, they have beaten us at times and they are a good football team… no one is saying they are bad! you just can’t claim to be superior to a team that has won far more trophies than you, far more trophies than you! I’ll be honest though, if it was the other way around and it was Spurs that had won the more trophies, if they had recently won the F.A Cup twice, the Premier League 3 times and been in the Champions League Final, I’d say they were the better team because…they had the more trophies and had achieved more than the other team and if they win today, if they come to the Emirates and win the game, I’ll say congratulations to any Spurs Fan because I’m not bitter and it’s a game of football at the end of the day, someone has to win and someone has to lose and if they draw….well in my book that’s a loss for both sides! it’s not worth insulting anybody and bringing someone down over, have a laugh and then move on! We are football fans and want the best from our clubs and this game!

As for my prediction, I am obviously a Gunner and we are at home so I will go for an Arsenal win today but I also think Spurs will score as well so I think we’ll scrape it 2-1 today but we are heavily injured so it won’t be easy today to get the 3 points…I’ve said for years that injuries cost us so much every year and it could do once again because as per bloody usual, when we should have focused on winning this league, our best chance in years…we blow it in games against Sheffield and Bayern that also costs us morale and injuries which now might affect us the in the League as well, was it worth it?! Realistically, we are out of the Champions League! I’ve accepted that because I want to win the League so badly, and even if by some slim chance, we qualify into the last 16, we’re sitting ducks for a PSG, Real Madrid or Barcelona anyway! I don’t want to finish 3rd in the group because we’ll have that dreaded Thursday night match (Who knows, may end up playing Spurs??) and we might as well kiss the League goodbye then because the days of rest before the next match which include travel and training will exhaust us to near death, I’d rather finish 4th and then hope that the other teams Chelsea. United or City manage to qualify or get 3rd!

Reality came knocking to Arsenal, we got over confident over that win against Bayern and it cost us…knew it would because it always does, we beat one big team, get cocky and then we end up losing a couple of games! And now the dreaded injuries are starting…should have just accepted that the Premier League should be our main focus! We can’t win everything! I’d rather take this chance to win the league here and now! Think about it, Man United aren’t really on fire at the moment, City are focused on the Champions League and Chelsea are in the bottom half of the league! Take advantage of it, screw the Champions League, we can’t win it with our squad! if you go away to a club like Bayern and get beat by 3 goals or more than what chance do you have to go on and win the whole thing? We’ll have our day but it’s not this year! Know when your beat and come back another day!

But as for today, let’s go out into our yard and defeat our pesky neighbors and remind them that North London is Red and that we are bringing St Totteringham’s day forward because…like Jack Wilshere says



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