It’s Monday and I’m bloody furious today! A moment of pure madness is not how I wanted to started my week off at all! But as we all know, you can’t always expect things to go your way at all in this life, when the unexpected happens and catches you off guard, it can make you so angry sometimes because you lose faith in humanity at times!

I felt angry, frustrated and wanted everyone to just get away from me and it all happened in the worst place it could have done for me but thankfully, I was able to somewhat hold it under a slight bit of control until I was in a quiet place and let it out, thank goodness! I have no idea what I would have done if I had let that out in public today….none whatsoever but I wouldn’t have been prepared for it, that’s for sure!

My bloody issue with this is how my brain overreacts to whatever happens and goes into the typical ”meltdown mode”! It panics and can’t contain all the emotions so they leak out! Thankfully, I managed to cheer myself up but for the love of all that is holy…why did I have to get so worked up today?! I mean it’s been pouring it down with rain and heavy winds all day! the storm matches my mood today…I just wanted to have a good day and a good start to my week but Monday…that’s all I can say about this day, a reminder of why I don’t like this day!

I know life can be stressful and all that but I was caught off guard today and I spent a while afterwards stewing and telling people about it and it felt nice that everyone was on my side and they understood, it made me feel calmer a lot quicker but one thing I noticed that a few weeks ago, a similar incident happened in my life and I reacted to it a lot worse than I did today, I was more worried and paranoid that something bad was going to happen but I eventually did get over it and accepted that we, as humans all make mistakes, it’s normal and that no one is perfect, no matter how much they think it but it’s a learning experience I think because I felt like I was able to remember the previous time and feed of it to get over this time a lot faster which is good but I’m still annoyed that it happened in the first place. I sure hope that tomorrow is a better day than today was!

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