It just gets to me that kind of thing, that it’s 2015 and many parts of the world seem so strange to another part, that human beings are judgmental and hateful towards other, whether they be disabled, gay, a different colour and even gender! etc I could go on but why can’t we just be more accepting and understanding if someone is different to you…why should it matter who you pray to, whether your gay or straight or whether you have a disability, mental or physical!

It’s like I believe in this so you should as well…ummm no, I believe in this but I respect your beliefs as well

I have Autism and I look at the world and feel grateful that I have seen the beauty of it, I’ve seen the vast green hillsides, the bright and zesty leaves in the fall, the icy, snowy white mountains in winter and so much more in the 25 years I’ve been here. I have traveled to a few countries and seen so much but alas, issues like litter is all over the place as is judgement for beliefs, sexual orientation and skin color that many still fight for, to make this world a better and more equal place to live in because that is what it should be, we…the human race are just as much a s mess as the planet is in…because of us! We are a mess that needs sorting out…what I don’t understand is why it’s such a big deal on so many levels for things such as Equal Rights, Equality and just being nice to your fellow humans…I know you can have a bad day here and there but you don’t have to take it out on a random stranger!

I know what it’s like to have others look down on me because of what I have, many think it’s an excuse and are quick to judge which is wrong! I won’t hate though, what’s the point? I just don’t see how making someone who is gay or a different religion to yours affects your life so much that you have to ruin theirs…what business is it of yours if they are a different colour, gender or have a disability, mind your own business I say. This world needs more love if you ask me, we all need to be nicer to each other and stop all of these wars, judging on various things and to stop mistreating the planet…it’s like one giant reality show where something stupid or horrible happens daily

Is it really so hard to just say…you know what, Men and Women are equal! Something like that should be simple and easy…yet it’s 2015 and that’s not the policy worldwide….many are still racist….homophobic….2015 and these issues are still big…not as big as they were in the past but not dead in the water either….how is it 2015 and these haven’t been resolved as of yet? It blows my mind how it’s so tricky, it should just take five minutes….WE ARE ALL HUMAN! isn’t that what matters above all else, eyes, ears, noses, mouths, two arms, legs…..who cares if someones skin is a different colour to yours or if a woman is in a sexual relationship with another woman, we should be happy for them and be accepting, all that matters is that they love each other and are happy so because you don’t understand it, you hate it?

The planet is where we all live and we have been here for a very long time….we’re lucky the planet doesn’t charge us rent because the human race is like a group of University Lads that couldn’t be bothered to clean up their kitchen and now it’s in a great big mess! Why should we treat like a bedroom, a dumping ground because we can’t be bothered and leave it one big giant mess for someone else to clean up? Earth is in a great deal of pain, one that we might not be able to save it from and it’s shameful because nothing has been done about it!

  • Rainforests constantly being destroyed
  • Many Animals have been driven to extinction by Humans
  • Animals killed for fun
  • Irreversible damage to the planet
  • War after war after war
  • Refugees treat like livestock when they are fleeing War

We should all love one another and we should definitely love our planet. Try and be nice to others from time to time, is life really all just about money? Are the poor really seen as cattle by the rich? because what does being hateful towards others accomplish…it doesn’t make you look tough or cool and being nice doesn’t make you feel or look weak. I will never give anyone who is different a hard time, I treat all the same, I smile and I am polite to them because we are all Human and we are all amazing.

One day, in the future, the next generations will look back on us as the generations that ruined the planet, that didn’t care and couldn’t solve anything, only prevent them temporarily so someone else could do it a hundred years later when it’s too late!  What will humans in 300 say of humans from 1000 and 2000? How will they assess us, will we be seen as primitive because we couldn’t solve anything without violence and misunderstanding?

We need to try and save our home, before it’s too late and that’s hard work but like a messy room, it needs cleaning up eventually, before it becomes unlivable…I’m starting to think Dinosaurs were a much better owner…at least they didn’t raise anything like greenhouse levels or anything like that!

I just hope that somewhere in the vast space of the universe, someone or something isn’t watching us and rolling their eyes, wondering just how we screwed it all up so badly!

You should totally listen to this as you read this

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