Tonight, and I am sure many of you have already seen it, it is just one of many that pop up every now and then on the internet…a Facebook page and I apologize for using the word but a Facebook page called ‘Autism is Retarded’ appeared and sent people into a frenzy, me included because of their hateful words. I apologize that they got any sort of promotion in this blog, it sickens me to say their name and I pray they get taken down but even so, they’ll just make another one because in their heads, they are right…even though we all know that they are very wrong, misguided and remember, people often mock what they don’t understand 

BTW I won’t post a link to their page because chances are, it will be taken down sometime soon but chances are they’ll just make another one.

I am not mad about the page, I will not lose any sleep over it at all, life goes on for me as it does for all of us…what we should not do is feed this troll by posting what we think about it, it will not make them stop, they will find it hilarious that so many people have gotten so worked up over it all! Guaranteed, that is more than likely why they did it in the first place!  So should we not get mad at these trolls? It’d be very easy to, that’s for sure but in realty, it would just be playing in their hands…I mean I watched comment after comment appear yet more posts from the page would still pop up and more and so on but we are doing what they want us to do! Even now as I write this post, I have mentioned their little group, giving them a sight bit of publicity but the answer is to ignore this troll…let them go on and on to a brick wall, no one listening however if you cannot do that, report the page and let Facebook deal with them but I plead with everyone who reads this, DO NOT SINK TO THEIR LEVEL! Do not appear violent or hateful towards them, YOU ARE BETTER THEN THAT! 

I understand why you would be upset, you have children to protect and some of their posts were outrageous, outdated and pathetic to say the least but some people are just like that, they know how to push buttons and offend people…it’s not only people with Autism that go through pages like this one, I guarantee that for so many mental health and disabilities, their will be a hate page about it somewhere online! Sad but true, some low life’s will always feel the need to seek attention and cause controversy but feeding them with replies makes them more noticed, hence they keep going.

Pages like this will come and go and some people have opinions that the majority will disagree with such as this pages one, it is horrible, misguided and wrong but I am not mad about it…For me and us all, we have lives to life, families to take care of, friends to see and important things to do. Sorry but that page does not have my hatred, only my pity…I won’t threaten them with hateful words, I won’t imagine them go through immense pain as vengeance, what I will do is go and make a nice cup of coffee, spend time with my gorgeous fiance and enjoy life…if these people want to keep making pages filled with hate then so be it, it’s their lives that are being wasted day in and day out….don’t let them waste your time!

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