Morning everyone! I don’t know about you but I got a message from Facebook when I woke up and well…they told me that the controversial page I reported for obvious reasons had not violated any of Facebooks rules! Where this should infuriate people because we all know that the page was very wrong and full of hate, when I tried to look for it to have a look, it was unable to load?

Does this mean that the page has been taken down after all? I hope so, I good feel of justice will have been done if so! Regardless of what has happened, let us remember that pages like this will always come and go but we must make sure that they are always shut down and not allowed to spread their hatred and beyond stupid opinions! 

Facebook is a wonderful site but I really wish pages were reviewed before they were allowed to be posted, to stop those kind of things being allowed at all! 

Have a good day everyone and let’s move on from that horrible page! 

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