What Could Have Happened To These People?

The Northern Light

March 31st 1922, Hinterkaifeck, Germany 


6 of the farms inhabitants are murdered with a Mattock in the farms barn, who committed this crime…well that’s something that is still unknown to this very day, the murderer or murderers were able to leave the crime scene and enter history undetected, they got away with it in other words but one question springs to mind.


The suspicions started when Andreas was inspecting his farm after a brief snowstorm had hit the day previous but he was stunned to find footprints that led from the dark woods near the farm, went all the way to the farm but did not pass it and continue on nor did the footprints lead back to the woods…spine chilling because that only means one thing, someone had walked to thefootprints_in_the_snow_by_fahrmboy farm, likely in the middle of the night or early in the morning and was somewhere on…

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