First off, I have written a blog similar to this one called You Don’t Have Autism before in the past but decided to go back and do another one because this issue is one close to my heart because it’s one…that shouldn’t exist but does! People faking Autism…Are you kidding me…I have been accused by people in the past of this and It’s unbelievable because they claim I can’t have it…because I have friends and a girlfriend…they are the only reasons I have been accused for this….really? Are you serious?


autism-labels-do-not-define-us1This kind of talk infuriates me because I will never understand why anyone would pretend to have Autism…what would they gain from it? Sympathy or something?  I mean Autism isn’t visible…you won’t see it unless someone either tells you or they were a badge saying…well you can see the picture! Being an idiot isn’t always visible either but no one gets accused of faking being one!

Why is it so bad that I have friends and a fiance and have Autism? So many people scratch their heads because they can’t figure it out! It’s like this

”I thought Autistic people didn’t have friends or couldn’t have sex?!”


That makes no sense which makes me think that they have no idea at all what Autism even is, they just hear a bit about it and pretend that they are experts or something but people always mock what they don’t understand! All of these stereotypes that people believe is beyond unbelievable, it’s pathetic because last time I checked, I had Autism and I have

  • Friends
  • A Fiancé


I remember various conversations in the past online and in the real world where people would tell me that I didn’t have Autism and that I was just ”Attention Seeking” WHAT?! What planet are you on?  I often felt like someone would come through the screen and grab me for dare saying that I had something; it was where I learned that the Internet is a den of venomous snakes that jumps at any chance to ruin someone’s life because they have the mindset that they are safe behind a screen! And besides, what would the point be of pretending to have Autism? I hate having people tell me what I won’t be able to do, I’ve grown up my entire life having that and I despise it so!  Because I so enjoy people calling me annoying because I don’t talk as often as they do or I don’t look at people in the eyes often or at all really, I find it really uncomfortable and intimidating but I’m just called rude for it.

I get fed up of people trying to tell me how I act, do things and don’t do things, it’s like I’m not allowed to do anything without it being constantly judged because if people see that I have Autism, they will check how I act and If I don’t follow the stereotypical guidelines that many people think about when it comes to Autism, in short…I’m not sat by myself somewhere looking sad…then I mustn’t have Autism!  How do you come up with that conclusion…maybe just maybe people with Autism can make friends, get married and live normal life’s like everyone else!

I mean no one has ever come up to me and said


Because there’s nothing there to make you say that, it isn’t visible and that’s what throws most people off as plenty of disabilities or injuries are visible to the eye and if people can see it, then it must be real yet no one has actually seen the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot but you get lunatics who claim they are real!






It hurts when people think I’m fine because I don’t have anything visible to show that I do have Autism, well I am not going around with a badge on to make you happy, nor should I have to! There are so many differences to Autism, not two people are the same so we appear different yet that confuses people…why do I feel like I can’t win with this, I have friends but I still feel uncomfortable around them sometimes and have often needed to be alone for a bit and they all understand that, they let me because they know I’ll come back and they’ll ask if I’m alright and I think that’s great because they UNDERSTAND! You have no idea how wonderful that feels to have people that get you, now if only the rest of the world did as well!


I said this in my other blog but I’ll say it again! Autism is serious, being accused of faking is offensive and hurtful because I would give anything to be told I don’t have Autism, to be told that the nightmare is over but I know it won’t because it’s not curable! So whatever, think what you like…but keep your negative opinions to yourself….what did you watch Rainman and think that you know everything about Autism or something?

Again, things I have said in conversations before when someone has asked about my Autism

‘Ok but that doesn’t mean everyone with Autism does the same’

You have friends so you don’t have Asperger’s….you liar!’

‘What, how does that make sense?’

‘I have Autism; have never had a friend in my life….I struggle to meet people’

‘Yes it does! People with Autism struggle socially!’ he replied

‘I used to struggle in the past but I’ve worked at it and now have great friends!’ I argued back ‘it can be done’

‘You’re a liar…you don’t have Autism you faker’ he accused me.

It went on for ages afterwards and no matter what I said, he refused to back down and said I didn’t have Autism….because I have friends and a fiancé

What you don’t realise is that I take this personally and find it incredibly offensive because your making me feel bad for being able to do these things! It took me so long to make some friends and I’m made to feel bad for it?! I found someone I can spend my life with and I’m told I’m faking my Autism because apparently, people with Autism can’t get married or have children apparently…one person even said that I shouldn’t have children…because I’ll just make them Autistic! Ok, now I’m mad! But I am not mad at the same time because no matter what happens in life, talk like this will exist, so why get mad? Life goes on so if you’ll excuse me, I have time to spend with my fiance, if you get me and I’m seeing friends later so night all!


  1. Ehhh people like that make me so mad… because I have mpd that masks my autism… none of my insiders are autistic… and it is a conumdrum to me that I am the only one who is.. but go figure… so… many people would not think I had autism at all… even my family do not believe me.

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