giphy-facebook_sIt’s been a rather strange week when it comes to my sleeping pattern…A very strange one indeed and I’ll tell you why…all of this week I have had a nightmare during the night and I have no idea why this is at all, are my thoughts trying to tell me about something? A warning or something, who knows but here are some of the things that I can remember from them, I have forgotten some of them now…thankfully because I was getting tired of continuously waking up in the middle of the night!

  • People I knew in the past
  • Being Outside at Night time in graveyards and Woods
  • I wanted to hurt someone I did not know
  • My Fiance was in each one
  • The Earth Exploded


f3c4ac45703a331fa9b25b53c976b416I have had nightmares in the past of course and they never lead to anything in real life at all or as far as I am aware but you can’t help but feel freaked out by them…especially when you can remember them

What worried me was the frequency of them all, I normally don’t have as many nightmares in a half of a year as much as I have in this one week, five in total! Can stress cause nightmares? Because if so, I could fess up to being quite stressed the last couple of weeks with everything that’s been going on in my life.


For a few nights, I was afraid to go to sleep in case I had another nightmare but I can’t stay up all night, I’m tired enough as it is and the worst bit is yet to come for me. With my Autism, stress and a lack of sleep is horrible for me and nightmares are far worse because you can’t forget them for quite a while, I can relive them again and again like I’m watching a movie and I get more stressed because I can just about remember why they woke me up in the first place!

I’m more surprised that this guy hasn’t appeared in any as of yet!


Come to think of it, I have watched Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared an awful lot recently so maybe that’s why I’m so freaked out, perhaps…if so, don’t watch these videos before you go to bed…it’ll freak you out!  Before long, you’ll look this this guytumblr_nrbh5tSBjO1u0bzwyo1_400


nightmare_by_elixileTo conclude, a lot of nightmares isn’t fun and mixed with my Autism, extends even longer and takes me so much longer to forget and move on from them which is rather annoying so if you’ve ever had a nightmare recently…does it take you to long to get past them or can it take a while like it did with me?

Good Night, Might Just watch the next episode of Seriously Strange on YouTube.

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