real-madrid-barcelonaIt’s El Clasico time and we have Real Madrid facing Barcelona in a clash of titans tonight at the Bernabeu. What is always a fiercely contested game at all times, this one game might have significant meaning for Madrid fans as it has been rumored that a loss for them would spell the end for Rafael Benitez as their manager, not sure how they would feel about that really but it can’t be good!

Whether Messi plays will have to be seen in the game but if say Barcelona gets a few goals then perhaps rest Messi and don’t risk him because, if they can win without Messi, than that’s a bonus in my books! Why not? prove that you don’t even need Messi, your star player to beat your main rival?! More insulting if you ask me so yeah, rest Messi and rely on Neymar and Suarez if you ask me but it could backfire, I mean Madrid has plenty of stars in their own yard so I don’t know…I’ll let the managers make those decisions!

iql2hfa8kks5q78q4ag3_400x400Real Madrid








01 Navas

23 Danilo

02 Varane

04 Ramos

12 Marcelo

19 Modric

08 Kroos

10 Rodríguez 

11 Bale

07 Ronaldo

09 Benzema



13 Bravo

06 Dani Alves 

03 Piqué

14 Mascherano 

18 Alba

04 Rakitic

05 Busquets

08 Iniesta

20 Sergi

09 Suárez

11 Neymar


I’ll go for a Barcelona win, even without Messi on the field, I still fancy them to defeat Real Madrid and I’ll go for 3-1 for Barcelona with Suarez and Neymar scoring and maybe Ronaldo getting a consolation goal in the end but I don’t see Madrid getting a win this time around.

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