Arsenal_FC.svgWhat just happened? Seriously though, well done to West Brom, a good 3 points for you and like I said in my prediction blog West Brom Vs Arsenal they could send Arsenal back down to London with a whimper, knowing they could miss out on top place and the Baggies have done just that tonight as they defeated us 2-1 and despite us taking the lead through Giroud to make it (1-0), West Brom fought back to make it (1-1) with James Morrison.

Once again Arsenal fans, that annoying injury curse has struck us again with Francis Coquelin getting hurt, subbed off for Mikel Arteta who scored a goal…an own goal which gave West Brom the win (2-1) then Arteta got himself hurt as well! Another two to possibly add to our Injury List. West Brom almost made it 3-1 as well and Arsenal missed a penalty through Santi Cazorla who must have borrowed John Terry’s Football’s boots for the game!

WengerCry_415Arsenal missed out on a great chance to go top of the Premier League and now could end up 4th by the end of the day! Sorry but I said that we needed to buy players in the Summer Transfer Window to cover the eventual Injuries that we would get and now we have many of them! Our season is in trouble because of this usual occurrence that happens every year but don’t expect anything decent to happen in the next transfer window coming up!

Arsenal’s Injuries

  • Danny Welbeck
  • Theo Walcott
  • Tomas Rosicky
  • Aaron Ramsey
  • Alex Oxlade Chamberlain
  • Jack Wilshere
  • Mikel Arteta
  • Francis Coquelin


In the end though, it’s a loss and we have to dust ourselves off and get ready for the next game, we don’t have a choice but I hope that Mr Wenger has a long think on that journey back to London because this kind of thing happens every season, injuries seem to happen to Arsenal more than any other team and we have money, don’t tell me that we don’t! Not all the money in the world but surely enough to buy a few players…Spurs always do it, as do Liverpool and yes…they don’t finish as high as us normally, I know! But we’ve not really tried and bought more than 2 good players in one transfer window ever since we lost to Aston Villa on the Opening Game a couple of seasons ago, this man’s message should still be about!

Famous Arsenal Football Fan Rant

I want to win the league and I don’t want the usual injuries curse to prevent us from having a decent go at it this season! We should be able to give Sanchez a rest but we can’t afford to because we don’t have decent cover to replace him with because their all INJURED! Some of you might be alright with this season in, season out but I would never have a go at Wenger if he had bought a couple of players in in case something like this happens, no way at all but because we make it seem like Mission Impossible every bloody summer,  is it’s so hard for a team like Arsenal to find good talent to bring in! I get mad…I’m sorry but we managed to buy Cech, why could we not find that talent that we need? Wenger used to be the master at doing this….he bought Bergkamp, Petit, Overmars, Henry, Wiltord, I could go on! Nowadays, we can’t persuade anyone to come to the Emirates because we won’t spend the money!

Always remember, their were players available!

Anyway, well done West Brom, and as for Arsenal, shape up and get back to winning ways against…Dinamo Zagreb….oh no…


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