This blog is all about the inability of not talking, what ever reason you have for not talking, whether it be you can’t or don’t always want to, it’s a vital part of being a Human Being, we use it to interact physically with other people when we can tear ourselves away from our phones and Internet using things!

Do you ever feel pressured into talking by others? Sometimes you might feel nervous or you just don’t want to talk that much, depends on your mood really but one thing I am aware of is that I might not want to have a full blown conversation all the time, I actually enjoy sitting in silence from time to time…I don’t know why but I feel more comfortable sometimes this way and I don’t mind that I can feel this way but I do understand how others might not.

Some might perceive it as being rude or obnoxious that I don’t always want to talk all the time but it has to depend how I feel. If I do feel nervous then I won’t want to talk and if I try to explain that to someone, they don’t always understand  this and either decide I’m being rude or they just lose interest and don’t bother talking to me again which is upsetting because I’ll get upset and lose confidence in my ability to communicate with others and try to make new friends which is difficult enough as it is.

Talking is not the easiest thing for me to always do and I look and see so many people having long blown conversations that can go on for a long time and I am always flabbergasted by it because I feel as if I don’t have it in me to keep a talk like that going for so long, unless it’s about something that I really like but I can’t keep just only having long talks about things that I like, I want to be able to do the same about other things that other people like, like things that my fiance likes for example  but I just can’t help but lose interest and shut off…if I don’t know about it then most of the time, I can’t help but zone off and go off elsewhere…anyone else have this problem and how can I explain to other people that I am not being rude or at least not trying to on purpose!

Believe me, I would love to talk all day and impress people left, right and center but I can’t always do that and I have no idea why that is…being nervous mostly which I seem to be most of the time anyway so that probably explains it…what can I say, a lot of things make me nervous in this world…and that’s why I struggle to have a long conversation past anything like three minutes without going silent and wishing I was back inside bed, hiding from the world.

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  1. Yeah, I can understand that one. Usually, I’m quite verbose and energetic. Other times I’d just like to be alone and not talk to people. I always enjoy reading you posts.

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