12265974_519984361511647_6843324197850746877_o.jpgRoman Reigns (spoiler free) Well it was kind of obvious! But wait…hang on, we have something even worse…has Fastlane been pipped for worst PPV of the year? Well this was the one ending that I thought would be worse than this one could have been


Was this really the best that WWE could have come up with? Sheamus cashes in his Money in the Bank contract moments after Roman Reigns wins the WWE WHC and after a brief match, Sheamus wins the championship and Twitter exploded as everyone was furious that WWE decided to go along with this! Especially with how the ratings have been going lately, this is the worst time to pull this angle off. When your ratings are so low down, you don’t pull this move off…it is so unpopular because Sheamus is so stale and boring, I won’t be shocked if ratings continue to fall even more now!

So, Roman Reigns has won the belt, at long last but guess what…it meant nothing! Sheamus has pretty much made the last year of Roman Reigns scratching and clawing his way back to the top after the last Royal Rumble, it all came to about three minutes before it was all gone…now he is a former WWE Champion that even Kane can say he’s had a longer reign than!

Worst thing is that now that Roman Reigns has actually won the belt, will fans feel bad for him or even care if he goes for it again? I mean this is Daniel Bryan style all over again! Difference being that more than likely, the fans would be more behind Daniel Bryan over Roman Reigns, any day! The fans may struggle to really care about Sheamus vs Roman Reigns, I mean Roman Reigns has won the belt now…even if he goes on to win the belt at Wresltemania 32…will it have had the same impact it could have had, now that it won’t be his first time? I doubt it now because that means that we will have to have Roman Reigns re win the Royal Rumble, NOOOOOO! Are you serious, two years in a row, WWE, HAVE YOU NOT LEARNT ANYTHING? The last 2 Royal Rumble Matches have ended with the winner being booed out of the arena! 3 though? THIS IS WHY HAVING ONLY 1 MAIN BELT IS A TERRIBLE IDEA!

WWE, you clearly don’t care what the fans want because I highly doubt many people begged you to put the Championship on Sheamus, I don’t care who he’s friends with…your losing ratings! Get your head together! Please…this is pathetic now!

We need 2 Belts again, especially in this situation, be good to bring ratings back up because even if Sheamus was WWE Champion, hopefully, someone decent would be WHC!


TLC Main Event will be Sheamus vs Roman Reigns….in a TLC Match?? Subscribe Now for this 5 Star Match! Says No one with a brain!

And what about Dean Ambrose now? Where does he go? Well he could go back to the feud he was meant to have and challenge Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship at TLC. Hope so, give him some gold, he deserves it!


Next up, we have the Brothers of Destruction take on the Wyatt Family and well…apart from the dedication to the Undertaker on his 25th anniversary, it wasn’t anything special…4 men in their primes are dismantled and destroyed by two men on their way out slowly! I don’t mind these two winning but it was no contest, I didn’t think for a second that the Wyatt’s looked like they were going to ever win the match, not even close!

It is never bad to lose to Undertaker, no way but the Wyatt’s, Bray mainly is now nothing more than some creepy hippy that’s bark is worse than his bite and that he is a weakling that has 3 bigger guys do most of the work for him but even they were man handled by Undertaker and even Kane (Can’t remember the last time he ever did that) So yeah, glad Brothers won but man, who can take the Wyatts seriously now?


The Divas….that match was horrible, so horrible, it was cringeworthy! It was so boring and lacking and how?? After that moment on the weeks Raw with Paige…how the heck did WWE screw this up? it was a bad match, so why should we care about the Divas Revolution again? Charlotte is actually worse than Nikki Bella, CONGRATULATIONS WWE, you made your point, you can make someone worse than the Bella Twins?! and Charlotte shouldn’t be in this position because she can wrestle, she is a good wrestler but her character is the most boring I’ve seen in so long…I’d rather have Roman Reigns on the microphone than you because at least he doesn’t copy The Rock’s catchphrases unlike you who does nothing but do that! We know your Ric Flair’s daughter, what do you want a medal?! Just wrestle like we know you can and create your own gimmick! Before it’s too late and fans just don’t care anymore because that audience couldn’t have cared less about you last night…you were boring, you have no real character and I dare say your becoming the most boring Divas Champion of this year!

Also Paige…what kind of threat is she now??? Another dog with a big bark but a pathetic bite! No, it is not your house! Your lucky to still be in it to be honest…your gimmick is boring now because being crazy just doesn’t work any more….still better than Becky Lynch though who honestly, is screwed because she has become a boring sidekick that I can’t take seriously…I don’t seriously expect Becky Lynch to get a Championship run any time soon, not with best mate Charlotte there…maybe if Paige had won the belt but not now…never thought I’d say this but I’d rather have Nikki Bella as Champion and it pains me to say so…unless Sasha Banks is given a chance! Divas are in trouble!

Best Match was either Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns vs ADR but my best bit of the night was to have Goldust back! That’s right, his return was my highlight of this abysmal night! Undertaker and Kane buries Wyatts, Divas fail to deliver, Dean Ambrose, KO and ADR and even Roman Reigns all lose, well Reigns won and lost but Sheamus leaves Atlanta with the Championship….Wonder how Raw will go? Probably with the Authority in the ring….When’s Cena back again?


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