If you watched WWE Raw at all this week, you may have noticed that the fans in Nashville, Tennessee were all cheering quite loud for Roman Reigns, more than I can remember anyone cheering for him in quite some time, which makes me think that many people now indeed are behind Roman Reigns because of what happened at Survivor Series where he was WWE WHC for 5 Minutes before The Celtic Warrior Sheamus  cashed in his MITB Contract and stole Roman’s long awaited moment and now we have this


Sheamus will defend his Championship against Roman Reigns in a TLC Match which sounds so exciting but will fans be really cheering Roman Reigns? Have we come to a conclusion that Sheamus is a worse option to have as champion than Roman Reigns would be? Personally, I would prefer Roman Reigns as our champion because let’s face it…it’s going to happen sooner or later so just give Roman the belt and be done with it!

I mean most people are against this because they don’t want another Cena like figure who seems to be invincible, that will never lose and get title after title after title and from what we’ve seen of Roman Reigns, I can see what they mean, I guess that is what WWE is after because the top guy has to always be on top and if Vince likes someone than their is nothing we can do because WWE fans won’t stop watching, no matter how many times they complain and say they’ll watch something else…they will never go through with it…they can’t and WWE hence, get’s away with it.

Fans will get behind Reigns eventually, I mean how much longer will they keep going against the inevitable, Vince wants Reigns as Cena 2.0 and no matter how much you boo, it will happen and for all of those people who moan and say that they won’t watch WWE anymore, why don’t you stick to what you say and not come back a week later, only to complain again! WWE gets away with stuff like this because no one will stay away, you’ll come back and they know that! Road Dogg was even tweeting it yesterday

I’m a wrestling fan! If we’re not your thing, check out something else. But.. You’ll be back, I assure you, you’ll be back!

He’s right you know!

WWE just doesn’t have a lot of top guys anymore, compared to the 2000’s when you could have at least 5 guys with the belt and no one would complain but today, if someone like Cena or Orton wins it, people will complain, Sheamus….Twitter implodes….Roman Reigns…Royal Rumble 2015 and likely now, 2016 as well.

Just get a 2nd World Championship back and that should solve this mess!

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