In America, they celebrated Thanksgiving this week…followed by Black Friday but anyway, even though Thanksgiving is American and I’m British, I’m still going to write about what I am thankful for…because… it’s a good time to have a good think about just what I truly feel thankful for in my life and one of those things is actually my Autism! That’s right, I feel thankful that I have Autism and that’s because if I didn’t then things that have happened in my life might have happened such as

  • Meeting my Fiance
  • Doing as well as I did at University
  • Meeting the friends I have

Amongst other things but if I didn’t have Autism then I might have gone down a different path in my childhood and who knows where I would be now, whether I’d be somewhere better or worse, I have no idea but I’m happy where I am and I am thankful that I am happy in this life! I know my Autism can make me feel nervous, shy and anxious about it all but I can’t imagine my life without those trials or climbing over those mountains to prove myself.

Life can be hard but as long as we have things to be thankful for in our life’s, we should always be able to pull through and survive. Be happy and prosper in this world because it could all end one day, like that.

I’m thankful for the love of my life and that I got to meet her and grow with her, she makes my life so much more fun than it once was! I’m thankful that she agreed to marry me and spend the rest of her life with me and that she wants me to spend mine with her as well, when I thought I’d be alone forever…I gave up looking and she found me!

I’m also thankful for the great friends and family that I have as well, I’m thankful for the things that I have and that I’m happy and thankful that I get to write every single day! And thanks to everyone who reads my stuff that I post on TheDailyPickMeUp!

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Bit Late but Happy Thanksgiving and have a great weekend

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