It’s that time of the year again, where everyone goes crazy in America and even Britain for that one day of the year that I shall always dread….Black Friday. So many offers like 50% off electronic goods, games, clothes and so much more that people go crazy for, the one day of the year that we truly see Human Nature as people rush, push and fight for TV’S and other goods that they wouldn’t look twice the rest of the year.

I’ll admit, it’s good to purchase such items but I will never fight anyone for a 40 inch  bloody TV or a PS4 because I wouldn’t feel proud to have gone to such lengths really! Black Friday Chaos is real and will be happening in stores nationwide, people will fumble and tumble as they grapple over TV’S and other deals. This day brings the worst out of people and for what? A good deal? Is it worth your life? No but we do it anyway because we can’t let other people get those good deals, right?

It’s been reported that a billion pounds is likely to be spent by people in Britain for Black Friday this year? Lord knows how much will be spent in America! Below is a  Black Friday in Britain which isn’t as bad at the moment but it seems to be gaining momentum with ASDA refusing to take part, even though they brought it over to the British Isles!

I know it sounds like I’m nattering on about this but it’s important because all it takes to make people act like animals is a deal! so much off something and you can have someone want to rip your head off for a deal! 50 inch TV and your in for a Royal Rumble kind of thing to get out alive! WWE’S version of Black Friday, just imagine your Stone Cold and you’ll get it!


Black Friday in America which of course is more violent here but it’s catching up in Britain slowly as each year goes by although Online Shopping on this day is becoming more popular so who knows but this video talks about death?! Ok now that’s way over the line, your life is worth more than a bargain and that’s why I won’t take part in this at all and neither should you

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