Well, well…well! For the 2nd Premier League game in a row, Arsenal trip up and miss out! We draw 1-1 with Norwich and along with that, more injuries to add to our misery as the team flies back to London with the arrogant Wenger who will be counting his pennies come the 31st of January because he won’t be spending any of them! I’m not getting any of my hopes up and I won’t be sat glued to my TV or computer screen whenever a transfer rumor flies in because that’s all it will be because Wenger won’t bring in and cover our weak spots, he’ll be praying that all of our injured players will come back in good time and save his bacon from humiliation!

I am not happy about it either, not taking anything away from Norwich by saying that! But Arsene Wenger, you are an idiot for risking Alexis Sanchez in this game and look what happened! You overplayed him now it looks like he could be out for some time, which is the last thing we need! Why was he played? You even said in an interview that it would be a risk to play him…SO YOU PLAYED HIM ANYWAY! Why…when we have so many important games coming up, including our showdown in Athens soon that you would risk one of your best players when he should have been rested!

Sanchez and Koscienly added to our injury list with Rambo and Chamberlain taken off it so 2 for 2! Wonderful, right? Why has this happened tonight? How do we get so many injuries every single year. I never believed in curses until the last few year when Arsenal suffered injury after injury every single year, how do we lose so many players each year? It’s a shock really because being an Arsenal fan is bad for your health sometimes because hype is built up so much yet it is knocked straight back down by Arsene Wenger and his stubbornness and he is stubborn, for a man who hasn’t got near to winning the league in 10 years and finishing 3rd isn’t that near, 2nd would have been a place you could say he was close to winning the league!

Annoyed but that can be football sometimes, and don’t get me wrong, I like Wenger…it can just get frustrating every now and then when we lose player after player after a summer of virtually no players being brought in apart from Cech, you can’t help but wonder if a change is needed at the top sooner rather than later but Wenger is one of a kind, replacing him isn’t simple or advisable but you can’t help but wonder…



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