Friends, something that we should all have right? Well many people don’t have a single one and that sucks big time, you can have people who have grown up and sometimes even gone their entire life’s without a single friend, how sad because no one should have to go through that, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone because it’s beyond evil to wish absolute isolation on another human!

For me, I grew up having friends, losing them…meeting new people and making them my friends and somewhat keeping in touch with a couple of old ones, meeting others along away where we liked one another but would go as far as to say we were good friends but we would always be polite to one another which was good enough for me, it was enough.

How do I feel after 25 years on this planet? I will say satisfied because I have had quite a few adventures that as a child could only dream of! Being told you won’t achieve anything in life makes you do stuff like that…dream! But regarding friends, I have done just fine….I have made many and occasionally, we all have a meet up and have great times which I cherish and I meet others every now and then as well but I wouldn’t say I do stuff like that day in and out and that’s either because I have something on or I’m to nervous to do stuff like that, I can only take so much at once before feeling overloaded and needing to calm down…preventing a meltdown!

Time to get jiggy with it all really people! Life isn’t all one big disappointment when it comes to making friends, even though I’m sure some of you think it’s a messy situation that seems impossible and I understand that as I have thought like that so many times, in fact I prefer my won company sometimes…only sometimes because theirs no pressure and I can unwind and do things that I enjoy without someone telling me that I can’t or doing it a different way to how I normally would. Even if it can feel that way sometimes, feeling alone…I realized that maybe, I should a bit more effort into what I do when it comes to stuff like that…I can’t complain about feeling isolated and alone if I don’t at least try and make more of an effort to socialise because it feels like it’s been a while since I properly did that and now I sometimes feel alone because of that?

I am going to make it my mission to put more effort into all of this because I want to feel that I really gave it a go before coming up to conclusions because I feel like I’m just having a whinge otherwise for the sake of it and I don’t want to do that unless I have a valid reason for it so I will make it a mission to meet people and communicate more and more whether it be online or in person because for the last year, I have been learning to live with my fiance and be in charge of my own destiny, to prove to myself that I can go out and meet more people in this world because I felt like I had met enough a few years ago! However, I feel like I’ve gone out of touch and slightly retreated back into that old shell of mine and seem afraid to leave it again which isn’t good because I don’t want to feel like I can’t do this or that because I know that I can! We all can, we just have to believe that out of 7 billion humans on this planet, we can make friends with at least one of them!

I always try to be polite and friendly with everyone, that’s just how I am…although I can be slightly hesitant to people I don’t know at first and it takes me time to trust people due to the past…easier said than done for letting it go! There are always chances to meet people make friends, whether it be online or in person, you just have to really want it and to always keep trying, no matter how many times you get knocked down because if it was easy, would it be worth it? Would you cherish it or just take it for granted?

I cherish my friendships because I spent so long working on them and learning to trust them and I still do years later, I’ve been on holiday with some and some are going to be at my wedding! That’s not bad if you ask me.

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