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The unknown is always a little scary, something that can make you wonder and ponder why there are so many unanswered questions in the world! I have no idea why I have Autism for example, how it happens, am I the first one in my family to happen or is someone diagnosed, you can’t help but wonder because…everything happens for a reason, right? Well everyone wonders about something that has happened, whether it be in the present, the past or yet to happen!

Autism is a mystery in a way because there is so much to it and no one is the same with it, everyone who has it is somewhat different in a way but many people assume we are all the same…that’s a mystery in of itself because no matter how many times we tell people that Autism is a complicated matter and everyone who has it is different, it is like it goes in one ear and out the other!

nightmaresI wonder why I can’t look people in the eyes…does it scare me? Sometimes I can but at times, for reasons I don’t always feel like I can explain…I can’t do it, I have to look away!  My fiance says the eyes are windows to the soul…am I afraid to look at a soul? Another wonder that I have no clue about is how people seem to make having friends so easily…whereas for some reason, I struggle continuously and I am ridiculed for it because it is mistaken for rudeness…why on Earth people come to that conclusion, I will never know, it’s a mystery, one that society may never be able to explain because if someone like me doesn’t understand it…how will someone without Autism be able to figure it out?

We always wonder about what we don’t know and try to find out what it is that we don’t know, whether that be something that we saw occur but do not know the reasons for it. It’s strange how so many unsolved mysteries or unknown events exist in our history but they are there…for a planet with 7 billion people on it, a lot of people get away with things so easily…o many cases have little to no trace of evidence!


For example, Jack The Ripper, one of the most famous killers of all time, for example went on a killing spree that is known famously worldwide and we don’t know who it was or why they chose to do what they did but it’s the mystery of it all that we enjoy, the what ifs and questions, theories we come up with that gets added to the story all the time! People do things that make people wonder because they have no idea why they would do something that others would consider to be strange, evil or other…I mean we all do it…I have Autism and I wonder about just about everything, one of my hobbies is the unknown…murder mysteries for example…I’ve written a few blogs about a couple of murder mysteries, called Hinterkaifeck give it a read and see how you feel afterwards…I don’t know why things like that fascinate me but they do, I can spend all day watching documentaries and YouTube videos about mysteries and trying to figure them out for myself!

Mysteries and the unknown come in many shapes and forms, whether it be Murders, actions of human beings…all the way to say….believing in Aliens….how many times do we get stories of people claiming to have been abducted by Aliens? How often do people claim to see Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster! We will always wonder why other people do what they do but I guess the point I am making is I have Autism and people will question how I do things because I have something…. I have a label and growing up, everyone thought I was weird because  of it! yet in life, so many human beings in the past and the present do questionable actions, People kidnap, murder and steal, they do things that are outrageous and it;s understandable why we label them…but what have I done? I’m shy and it isn’t easy for me to make friends…why all the pointing world? We say and do things that no one can explain…Why is it because I have Autism that you expect me to do strange things that you can’t understand?  Is it so easy to give someone a label and assume they are strange to you?! Apparently so people, apparently so!

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  1. MPD is also like autism in that it is a spectrum disorder… each person who has it is as different to the next like autism… I also have always wondered why I cannot look people in the eye sometimes… I used to get in trouble at work from my supervisor as she always thought I was rolling my eyes in disrespect… lol…but then with others I get lost in their eyes… I find eyes very confronting… as if the other person can see right into me… my thoughts and feelings….makes for awkies ….. I came to autism late in life… I have always been puzzled at why people do the things they do… I hate labels but I also like knowing why something is the way it is and labels put it in a nice little box for me to look at..

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