2015, WWE is…well It has gotten to a point where we all fear watching Raw because deep down…we all know it’s going to suck! I mean I can’t remember a time where so many people have disliked episode after episode, PPV after PPV and no matter how many people voice those concerns, WWE ignores them every single time because they think their plans are golden!  Here are just some things that have gone wrong for WWE this year…badly…this year has to be  one of the worst in WWE’s history!

  • reignsbeltRoman Reigns- Now this one is obvious, no one can deny that Roman Reigns has been shoved down our throats by WWE this year! The Royal Rumble was atrocious! One of the worst things I have ever seen the WWE put on as a PPV this year! What was so bad about this particular Rumble was that everyone already knew who was going to win it! It had been obvious since the summer prior that Reigns was going to win the match and no one liked that at all and the fact that WWE ignored that, they chose to look the other way to fans expressing their dislike for the idea that Roman Reigns would go on to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31! We watched Reigns lose at Wrestlemania, only to go into a long feud with Bray Wyatt for the summer, only to go straight back into the Championship Picture…for 5:15 😀 Along the way, we have seen terrible promos and matches which have been cringe worthy, he’s gone from being called Cena 2.0 to Daniel Bryan 2.0! Also we all know eventually he will be given the Championship and we will have a long reign with him…whoopee!
  • 12239489_10153374917506443_7273080748969285496_nSheamus-  Let’s go to the ginger mohawk! We saw him return after Wrestlemania to take out the smaller wrestlers, I.E Ziggler, Bryan etc and we saw pretty decent matches but they never really lead anywhere and all we had from audiences was ‘You Look Stupid’ Eventually, Sheamus won Money In The Bank which annoyed everyone! No one wanted Sheamus to win the match because he’s had his chances and he’s failed to deliver each time, why is this time any different? His new theme song? Recently we saw Sheamus cash in his contract and win the Championship against Roman Reigns after 5:15 😀 Funny how two of the main problems to WWE’S problems ended up being on top of the mountain!
  • 20151123_TLC_Match_SheamusReigns_1920x1080bThe Writers- Whoever writes the story lines for WWE is terrible, they need to rehire a whole new team if you ask me, get rid of Kevin Dunn! Please! What you are doing isn’t working…not even close yet you seem to think that everything will be ok…is that because of Wrestlemania? You have to give us good story lines going into Wrestlemania…you know that right? Roman Reigns to be the next big star….not everyone is happy with that because you book him in all the wrong ways…he’s terrible as a face, he pulls stupid faces, messes up his lines and he pretty much has a limited move set which one of them is a punch…I get it with Big Show because he has a giant fist…why would I feel like Roman Reigns has a powerful punch? Also, out of all the ideas you could have come up with, you couldn’t put Dean Ambrose on top as a major heel? He was the leader of the shield at one point? Or Roman Reigns to turn on Dean and a big push for the Lunatic Fringe? So much better than Sheamus…But no…If your goal is to get people talking about your product, surely more positive comments would be better than negative ones! TLC’S main event is Sheamus vs Roman Reigns…not the way I thought we’d be ending the year! divas-revolution-teamsThe Divas Revolution- Has anything been good about this idea? I mean can you even say it was good that Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch were brought up to the main roster anymore? I don’t think so because their characters are so different and more boring…well maybe Sasha is still the same but the matches are so much more poorer than the ones in NXT! Charlotte is a poor Champion, bland and a boring Face and a Heel turn is needed to get people interested in her again! Paige’s character is old now… I don’t care if she’s crazy…she loses every important match! however the worst thing about all of this is that eventually, we all know that Eva Marie will come back, she will be pushed like Roman Reigns is and we will all hate it, the Divas will just go back to where they were…only even lower because no Diva is worse than Eva Marie…not even the Bellas! The teams were a bad idea because their is only one championship for them to fight over! We all know Sasha will turn face and it won’t go well because WWE will screw it up…Paige will get a million shots before Nikki comes back and that’s the plans for the Divas for the foreseeable future, more heels than faces as we speak…seems on Becky Lynch is a face…well one we should care about anyway….Natalya became irrelevant the minute she started hanging out with Khali and Hornswoggle!
  • maxresdefault (3).jpgLack Of Faith In Wrestlers- Let’s have a think here…how many wrestlers can you think off who deserve to be on top of the mountain, only to really suffer in mid card purgatory?
  1. Dean Ambrose (Really should be Stone Cold 2.0)
  2. Dolph Ziggler (We all know this Story)
  3. Kevin Owens
  4. Bray Wyatt (Lost To Roman Reigns, Undertaker, Not Won A Championship yet!)
  5. Tyler Breeze
  6. Neville
  7. Rusev (Buried By Cena)
  8. King Barrett (Destroyed by King Of The Ring)

Just some that come to mind that should be succeeding in WWE, putting on matches that make us talk about them for years to come, however…Roman Reigns and Sheamus are on top…because they are favored backstage…so that’s all that matters!

  • normal_13th_July_2015_4225.jpgThe Announce Team- I don’t know who’s worse, Byron Saxon or Micheal Cole…I used to think that no one could be worse than Cole but WWE, you had to prove me wrong! I can’t stand Saxon…he is beyond terrible and his commentary is abysmal…I couldn’t give a crap about anything he says or thinks…Jerry Lawler is miles better! Even JBL is a bit bad from time to time…I don’t want other sport events that happen in the middle of a wrestling match…Wayne Rooney is Manchester United and England Captain, I DON’T CARE, FOCUS ON THE MATCH! New Day had you guys all over the place when they were on commentary, even the Prime Time Players mentioned that you guys go off topic!

Next Time, we look at more wrestlers that haven’t lived up to expectations, Bad Pay Per Views and Ideas that have made 2015 the worst year for a long time!

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