I’m going to write a story and it’s main character is going to have Autism! I feel like since I have Autism, I can get some aspects out of it into a character but not all as we know that everyone with Autism is different in their own way! Not every single aspect will be covered! I’ll get that out of the way now!  Why am I doing this? Because I’ve always wanted to give something like this a go to be honest and I think this one will just be for fun and I’ll see where it goes really because I think it will be fun to spend time writing various chapters and whatnot as the story progresses. I mean I think it can be good to write a story like this, not to just get what Autism is out there but that characters can be created, admired and loved by many, despite of what they have or don’t have.

From various experiences throughout my life and others I have read, heard or seen, mixed in with a little bit of fantasy as well because many stories are more fun that way, I think that it could be quite good and fun to read because it will get a little bit silly along the way but that’s ok because a story is meant to make you feel a whole load of emotions, to make you want to see what happens next as we follow the stories of the characters along the way.

I guess my goal in this little project is to have fun and make it all the way to the end, becoming better than I was when I began and to learn a bit along the way as well, I haven’t decided on a name as of yet but I know what the story will be about and up to a point what will happen but it should cover important points that are related to Autism such as

  • Friendship
  • The Way Of Thinking
  • Socializing
  • Confidence
  • Emotions

Their are others but I could be here a while…Anyway, this story could go on for quite a while as the characters go through various situations from the start to get to there main objective by the end of the story, perhaps not all will make it to the end or maybe they will, who knows…I’m not giving anything about the plot away…no writer does that 😉 And no one likes spoilers anyway but I want to make it fun, climatic and keep people guessing what will happen next.

I’m excited to do this really, it’s a project that I can spend time on and have fun with and whatever happens with it, I’ll have enjoyed it regardless and will be happy that I at least gave it a go in the first place, even if it sucks! Always feel free to let me know what you think about it.

Each post should be a new chapter, probably 2,000 words a post I’m aiming for really but it could be more or it could be less, depends what’s happening in each chapter to whether I can keep it at that mark every single time because I can go on and on in this situation when I’m trying to describe something.

Chapter One will be out soon…once I’ve actually written it and had it looked at….have fun.

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