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Good day everyone, it’s your DailyPickMeUp! and today I am going to be talking about one of my favorite movies of all time, Inside Out! This movie really speaks to me because I have Autism and I always feel like I don’t always know how to express my emotions all of the time or to a point that others would consider ‘normal’ and what I mean by that is…well, I have been called an emotionless robot by a few people in the past before…wasn’t really pleasant but what can you do?

This movie explores certain emotions inside the head of a child but we also see inside the heads of adults as well throughout the movie but these, listed bellow are the ones the movie focuses on.

  • Joy
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Disgust

I feel like this movie had a great impact on me, I connected with it’s messages because it felt ok to cry, it felt ok to feel sad or angry, happy or disgusted! Why be afraid of how others will look at you if you get a little emotional? I decided that It didn’t matter if someone tried to give me a hard time if I felt upset over something because I was only expressing an emotion and that was perfectly ok! However, I felt a little nervous about it all at first, to suddenly feel like years of hiding away and sounding so serious all the time was the norm for me and I wanted to stay there but I was getting tired of people always saying how ‘serious’ I was all the time, how I never really expressed any kind of emotion which hurt because I could and I did, just not enough to be considered acceptable I guess…that’s only my opinion though…many others might feel different and that’s ok so no one get on their high horse, thinking that I am speaking for everyone with Autism because I’m not…it’s more like I’m sharing an experience with you!


As for characters in this film, Anger is my favorite and I don’t know why that is, he made me laugh more than anyone else in the movie and Sadness really annoyed me for the majority of the movie!  All she did at the start was touch the orbs and infect them with sadness, but then again, there wouldn’t have been a long movie otherwise! Joy was…too happy for me although she appeared quite paranoid and like a dictator, afraid to let anything other than happiness enter Riley’s life…well Anger and Disgust seemed to do fine…just no sadness aloud! Wait? So Riley could throw a tantrum as much as she wanted, scream and shout but it was bad if she ever cried? Ok then…well there had to be an issue somewhere but you would think that all the emotions would work together, not single out sadness…I mean…isn’t that bullying? Stand in your circle Sadness!


Finally, we have the other two, such as Disgust…why was she even there, had the least to contribute out of all of the other emotions! More of a background character if you ask me, I didn’t really learn anything from her….apart from Broccoli being disgusting…would have made more sense if she was reading a negative YouTube or Facebook comment, I get Fear, that made sense and was perfect because…well he was terrified of most things going wrong, that made sense!


However, I felt like all of the emotions were….too strong, overloading really because it became partly cringe worthy at times! I don’t know but I felt they were all over the top at times, especially Joy but that’s because they don’t know how to feel anything else but they discover that they can during the course of the film, I mean we see Joy cry and Sadness smile which speaks volumes…no one is an emotionless robot! We all feel these emotions, each and every single human being and animal feels emotional and don’t ever forget that because right now, someone is smiling, someone feels sad, someone is feeling angry, scared and someone will be disgusted!

Everyone seems to think sometimes with me that I can’t express my emotions confidently because of my Autism and I never understand what leads them to that conclusion, I mean I’ll admit because I struggle to socialise with people that some might think I can’t communicate with them…either that or it’s because I prefer to avoid eye contact and can’t read people’s face to see what emotions they are doing…oh how I wish I could, would make this whole ‘life’ thing quite a bit easier for me…a lot actually.

Overall, I’ve said this before but this movie is great, a 10/10 for me because it had an impact on me and helped me change my way of thinking about my emotional state, I could be happy, angry and afraid and not feel bad or ashamed for it because everyone does it, maybe not all out in the open but they do it! It was a movie that made sense and was poetry to me, I could watch it again and again and never get tired of it! True that is because it was that good and it helps me understand happiness from another point of view, that feeling sad isn’t bad…it can be good, better to bottle it in and let this out!anigif_original-grid-image-25947-1373564800-20

I would recommend this to anyone really, great chance for kids to understand feelings and emotions, even a great film for adults as well because you don’t stop expressing feelings after you grow up, they stay with you until the day you leave this earth so this film is for everyone and everyone should see it! Another golden nugget from Pixar!

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