8th December 2015

Written by the DailyPickMeUp!

These opinions in this blog are the bloggers opinion’s only…if you agree or disagree, that is up to you! I write what works for me and share that with you, I’m not telling you that my way is fact or correct! So off the High Horse!

This is one thing I always keep my mind on…just in case because you never know! A Meltdown can happen at anytime of the day or night, in private or in public…it’s a little stress reliever  after a lengthy time of anger, sadness and other emotions being stored up for so long and like a volcano, it needs to erupt to relieve itself but it can’t always be controlled as to where that will happen or when so what can you do to prevent yourself from having an out of control meltdown in public?

  • Always be alert

I say this because it’s better to always be aware that it could happen, better than a meltdown sneaking up on you and you not being able to try and contain it…I mean I have had a meltdown in public before…I almost broke a table! It was awful because I felt like I was powerless to try and stop these overriding emotions from overwhelming me! When you feel so angry, you can’t always think straight and you could do or say something that you could later regret!

  • Never be afraid to let emotions out

One thing that I have found about myself is that I have been afraid to show certain emotions, like being upset or angry or being afraid because of what others would think of me for doing so, expressing myself always made me feel afraid to show them to anyone…and it meant that I would store them up and eventually, I wouldn’t be able to take it anymore and before long, I erupt and it can last a while before cooling off but usually, damage would be done…I would have said something to someone that would have upset them because I wasn’t thinking straight and before I realized it, it would be too late!  Very too late and I hated that kind of feeling because I wanted to be able to do something about it…so after time, I would slowly express my emotions a bit more and more over time and more healthily or so people would tell me that it was anyway because it’s unhealthy to hold them all in.

  • Have a Plan in Place

It’s always good to have a plan in place in case a Meltdown happens, such as the things that you know will calm you down in place, I for one like to drink Coffee so a nice hot drink can normally do the trick, or a nice little snack can do the same as well, either that or I need a few minutes by myself but the point is that I know what I can do if a meltdown appears, in public or private…I once had a Meltdown in a class and a friend of mine told my Tutor that I had gone outside for some fresh air…I appreciated that because it did me wonders so I always believe if you know what to do, then a Meltdown doesn’t have to be as bad as it could be…but not everyone can do this and will have their own method of what to do which is great!

To conclude, A Meltdown is bad but it doesn’t have to be that bad, it can be a inconvenience for you because…no one wants to go through one…I can’t stand them because I hate feeling so angry or sad randomly during the day…sometimes what can trigger a Meltdown is the smallest of things which worries me because  I don’t know if in the future, I’ll always be able to ward off the fullest effects of a Meltdown as I get older! I can’t predict the future after all so who knows but what I know now is…if I have a Meltdown, I have prepared safety nets to calm myself down, whether they be in Public or at Home…they work for me but might not for everyone…I’d love to hear what other people with Autism do in the case of a Meltdown!

More Soon World!

And remember, DUCK AND COVER


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