2015 is almost over, and in my mind…the worst year WWE has had for a long time, the worst in living memory…no one saw this coming if you ask me, I mean I know we kicked the year off badly with Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble, the guy was booed out of the arena and was booed so bad that even the Rock couldn’t save him from it! Don’t mention Fastlane….don’t get me wrong, some PPV’s were good, I enjoyed Wrestlemania, Battleground, Summerslam and Elimination Chamber, Hell In A Cell was ok as well but as for the rest….Survivor Series was just awful…when you thought WWE couldn’t do worse than Fastlane…Bang!

Ignore this guy, he doesn’t need to come back right now, according to WWE anyway!

Will this match be any good at all, is it a worthy match to main event the last PPV of the year…well yes, well this PPV at least because TLC is the least important PPV of the year if you ask me, I mean it’s never included in the Best PPV Matches of the Year DVD’s they release every year…for some reason??  I mean for a PPV that is all about Tables, Ladders and Chairs, it should be awesome, a PPV that we all look forward too but I know I can skip this one and more than likely have the outcomes that I am guessing will happen, will ACTUALLY happen!

  • Sheamus to Retain!

I mean if I were to predict this match, I would easily say that Sheamus will retain his Championship via outside interference from the League of Nations, screwing Reigns once again, hence the fans feeling sorry for him and he has to work his way back into contention for another shot….a.k.a win the Royal Rumble…again. I mean he has to win the Rumble! There is only one championship the winner can go for and we all know Reigns will win it soon, whether they pull the trigger before Wrestlemania is another matter…if it is at the Royal Rumble or even TLC, the question would be then…who faces him at Wrestlemania? Is another part timer going to win the Royal Rumble Match

Oh look, a Part Timer!

I have on many sites that Brock Lesnar could win the Royal Rumble! As awesome as this could be…is it really the solution, rely on a guy that rarely shows up…is that the solution to solving the dropping ratings? I don’t think so because it’s not long term, only a temporary one! I would rather see this guy win the Royal Rumble

via ringsidenews  Dean Ambrose would be a popular choice to win

I still think that Dean Ambrose going to face a heel Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania would be a million times better than Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania…what is it with WWE and having the same main event at Wrestlemania over and over?  I mean why does WWE rely so much on Part Timers, rather than wrestlers that come out week in and week out!

Do we need this again?

We’ve seen Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar already…we’ve seen Cena vs Rock twice and HHH and Undertaker 3 times…can we have something new please?  Ambrose vs Reigns would be better! miles better! I don’t mind Reigns being in the main event but why does he need to face Lesnar again…because last years match got interrupted? Only difference will be Reigns likely having the championship….could be worse…we could have Sheamus main eventing Wrestlemania! Remember…before Seth Rollins got injured….we heard that WWE, they had no plans to have him in a major match?!

Coming Soon

But that’s another matter, who should win the Royal Rumble match because we have to get past TLC first… the question is will this upcoming PPV match be good? Is it worth paying to see? I mean a lot of people still boo Reigns because they don’t want to be force fed and be told who to like, it’s being forced and people don’t like that, however many cheer Reigns…maybe some just can’t see the point of fighting it…it’s going to happen, just accept it because WWE will keep trying to make you like Reigns, he is the next big star, nothing can be done about that because people still turn up to shows and buy merchandise, you can moan online all you want, if you can’t keep away from WWE, this is what you are going to get, WWE still earns so much money from so called fans who are upset with their product…you can’t keep away, can you?

Worth £9.99?

The last segment on Raw which involved Roman Reigns and Sheamus failed but I think it’s because Roman Reigns humiliated Sheamus, I mean he embarrassed him and made him look like a weakling, questioned his manhood and made the WWE Champion look as much as threat as a puppy would be if one were to face Roman Reigns…get rid of the chair, table and ladder and I’ll come in the ring…really…name calling is meant to make us want to watch…it was horrible, just awful really because Reigns destroys Sheamus and insulted with petty names…what is this, a wrestling program or a High School Drama spat between 2 jocks?

Via WWE.com Why should I think he’s a coward?

I know heels act a tad cowardly but I’m not going to look at Sheamus and think he’s a coward! No way so why should I believe WWE when they try to portray him as such…or feel sorry for Roman Reigns? Just shut up and fight, plenty of weapons around you, go crazy! If they just shut up and wrestle, I might enjoy it more but it has to be a 10 minute drama before they get things going!  This is the last PPV of 2015 before we start the Road to Wrestlemania! Nothing to special sadly because you just know WWE will make this match just so we can feel sorry for Roman once again! they won’t make him champion yet, we will have to wait a bit longer and if you think this is the worst WWE can get…you’ll about to be rudely awakened…why is that…well…this

The Authority

These two will just come out and put challenges ahead of Roman Reigns, he’s the champion and they can’t stand that because he won’t do what they say…so every week, Raw will start with a boring promo, mostly by Stephanie McMahon, a woman who loves her voice way too much! Kind of finished off by Triple H…which Roman Reigns will point out…because HHH is a girl according to Reigns….more name calling, wonderful WWE….it’s a shame you don’t promote anti bullying or anything like that…

This Sunday, it could be a good match but if you ask me, it won’t rescue WWE from fans calling 2015 the worst year WWE has ever had…I guess the next question would be…will 2016 fall to the same fate or will things turn around…I’m not hopeful, I’m afraid that 2016 will just see things get worse…

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