Hey guys, It’s Your DailyPickMeUp and once again, where I live…it is quite windy, little annoying to be honest because you put extra layers on and still get cold! Silly weather but anyway! Today’s blog is all about your Brain and why not, it’s at the center of most decision making that we all do…unless you follow your heart instead of your head which I bet many will do!

Ever wonder if we have an off switch for feeling worried? I wish we did have one sometimes because it would be cool to just relax and feel happier from time to time if something has happened in my life, I mean stuff happens to everyone and we all have to go through, I just tend to want to talk about it and share my stories and opinions with as many people as I can.

All of my life, I have felt like a tiny little voice in my head tells me what to do and no, I’m not crazy, it’s called your imagination but for me, it feels like a real person, my thoughts whenever I worry or upset about something that has happened in my life, it’s is almost as if I am having a conversation with my head as to why I over worry or what I should do which most of the time, my head can never come up with a decent solution, only that it wants to hide and hope that everything will be ok in the end which most of the time it is . By the way, me thinking that a little voice is in my head doesn’t make me crazy…surely 😛

The Brain is vital for me when I think about my Autism because that’s where I assume it actually is…that little invisible whatyoucallit inside my head that no one can see but it’s there. My thoughts and actions all start off from my brain and it seems like it’s up to my brain as to what course of action I will take! I tend to over worry about so much, it’s unreal and it can tire me out because it takes up most of my priorities throughout the day, worrying about bad things happening and if it’s a good thing, whether it’s too good to actually be true!

I know that I do this and that my Brain is the control center with these little guys and gals controlling it all


Yet for something that I never see, it has such a massive impact on my life! Funny that but then again, if I could see my brain, I would be very worried about it…Emotions and thought thinking are things we do all day, every day and for me…it’s tricky whereas it could be easier for others or even trickier as well, I’m not assuming that I suffer from this more or less than anyone else but I can’t be bothered to ask 7 billion other people how they deal with thoughts or emotions.

So with the Brain being at the forefront of virtually everything that we say or do, how are we meant to feel when others who aren’t all full of knowledge for Autism…make snide remarks about someone like me not being able to feel or express properly, as in not make such a scene about it or preferring my own personal space from time to time and if I cannot, my brain will worry and I’ll panic! Oh the joys of being able to easily calm down in times of stress, Something I’ve never said with confidence before or ever! 

More Soon

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