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Swansea Chairman Huw Jenkins has decided to part ways with Garry Monk and sacked him, meaning that Swansea are currently manager-less, you can read about this announcement here  Swansea Sack Monk via BBC.com

True that Swansea have slipped in form over the last couple of months but considering how well he did last season and what history he has with the club, this decision mustn’t have been taken lightly but will fans be happy that Monk is gone or will they upset but kind of relieved because let’s face it, I’m an Arsenal fan and if Thierry Henry was our Manager and we were in the same situation, I would want him to step down if it was for the best!  And currently, Swansea are 15th which isn’t the worst place to be for a club like Swansea (no offence meant) but it could be worse! Here are the most likely replacements for Monk

  • Brendan Rodgers
  • David Moyes
  • Perhaps Tim Sherwood as well

No concern though, I’m sure Swansea will not get relegated because that would mean you would have to be doing worse than Aston Villa, Newcastle and Sunderland so there you go, I’m sure your new manager will get you back on track and some new players will be brought in come January so no need to panic!

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