After Manchester’s showings in the UCL last night, it’s London’s turn as Arsenal and Chelsea both need wins to ensure that they can be in the Last 16 of the UCL. It could be said that Chelsea have it easier as they only need to win whereas Arsenal need to win by 2 goals at least. It should be a good day but normally, most would assume that Chelsea would have this game in the bag because it’s at Stamford Bridge…however, it hasn’t been long at all since AFC Bournemouth  was victorious here…so this game is open for anyone to win, a Chelsea win isn’t guaranteed but it should be…it feels strange that Chelsea are in this predicament

I’ll go for a…Chelsea win, despite Porto beating them the last time around…Chelsea will turn their bad luck around and get some wins down sooner or later and why not tonight? I’ll say…1-0 to Chelsea and leave it at that because I’d rather cheer on all the English clubs to do well in this competition, or we could lose that 4th spot to Italy…so only the top 3 would get into the UCL




13 Courtois

02 Ivanovic

05 Zouma

26 Terry

28 Azpilicueta

07 Ramires

21 Matic

22 Willian

08 Oscar

10 Hazard

19 Diego Costa





12 Casillas

02 Maxi Pereira

04 Maicon

05 Marcano Sierra

03 Martins Indi

21 Layún

16 Herrera

22 Hélio Pereira

25 Imbula

17 Corona

08 Brahimi


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