It’s crunch time for Arsenal tonight! A must win indeed that determines last 16 football or Europa League Football in the New Year! Athens is where it is tonight, Arsenal fans need to roar in unity and back the team to a win, something that we have failed to do in the last 3 attempts! History isn’t on our side, not to mention that we need to beat them by 2 goals! We are capable of doing it, of course we are…but it depends which Arsenal turns up tonight. We are backed into a corner and after Manchester United got knocked out last night, We don’t want to follow suit and they had a better chance than we did! Chelsea as well as they face Porto tonight, they also face the chance of being knocked out as well! Imagine Man City, the Citizens being the only English team left in the competition! Arsenal need to make it through because us in the Europa League…well it wouldn’t be terrible but that Thursday night game…would put major dampers into our Premier League Campaign.

We have No Sanchez or Cazorla tonight! Ozil is there, Walcott and Chamberlain have returned recently! Cech has to be in goal for us, no question about it! Our defense has to be strong! No mistakes to be made hopefully, And well…no injuries hopefully! Hopefully we field a strong squad that can get us a 2 goal win at least and send us into the last 16 of the UCL! No matter how you look at this fixture, tonight matters! It’s one of the most important nights in Arsenal’s season! It will define so much and I will go for a 3-1 win for Arsenal tonight, I have to believe that we can win, that we can achieve our goals tonight!

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