Hello world, This is your DailyPickMeUp! and today, I will share with you an experience that I had about 5 years ago on a holiday in Tenerife because an incident occurred that was beyond strange to me, one that shouldn’t have happened, yet it still did because no one in their right mind should think that doing this is a good idea…yet someone did.

Tenerife was our first holiday away together and it so happened to be her birthday while we were away so we decided to go on a Star Gazing trip up Mount Teide and straight away, Emma said that she was going to dress her very best for the occasion which in my head rang alarm bells immediately because I know that she can get carried away sometimes with choosing what to wear and when she showed me what she was going to wear, I got scared and I’ll show you why in this picture here

She’s Wearing Heels!

First off, why would you wear such bad footwear to climb a mountain with because we were going up the mountain, yet she insisted that she would be fine and climbing up the Mountain would be easy…how wrong she was about to be. We board the bus at the Hotel and before long, we our on our way to the center of the Canary Island, after a few stops along the way to stretch our legs and take photos and such. The big Mountain appears into sight and Emma immediately gulps because apparently she didn’t know we were going up it…even though I had repeatedly told her that we were doing so…shows what listening can do! A pair of boots would have been better!

‘I didn’t know we were actually going to climb it’

Don’t get me wrong, I have been up Teide before and it is quite a view from the top to look over the seas and all that, amazing in fact and I hope I get to return sometime in the future as well, would be amazing to go back to one of my favorite places in the world! Emma loves Tenerife as well but oh my goodness, her idea to wear High Heels on this particular trip was a bad idea, because what do you think happened? Have a good think about it because it’s pretty obvious…Emma spent most of the walk moaning and complaining about her feet hurting and the mountain being too…high…she was having a go at the mountain for being too steep! All I could think in my head was ‘YOU HAVE TRAINERS, WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST WEAR THEM!’ I know she likes to look good by how she dresses but surely there’s a time and a place for that! Birthday or not…never walk up a mountain in heels, why did she think that was a good idea…her answer was because she wanted to look good for me! As much as I appreciated that, I told her I didn’t care how she dressed, she could wear rags and I’d love her just the same, I wanted to spend time with her, not her clothes and the fact I had to spend the rest of the evening and night listen to her moan about why her feet should have been ok in Heels up a mountain is something I will reckon I have only gone through! I hope anyway!

So remember people, If you are going to climb up any mountains anytime soon, leave the heels at home and wear appropriate footwear or you’ll just end up taking them off after ten minutes and walking the rest of the way…barefoot! Ain’t worth it!




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