I love entertainment, TV, movies…computer games, I love them all and many of my hobbies include entertainment in a way or form but one thing that I have always felt nervous about is Live Entertainment! Going into a public place and watch something amongst other people is always intimidating for me. I mean, it’s like sharing an experience with many strangers who you have no idea who they are or what they are like…will they judge you? Look at you funny? Probably not but you think about it.

I was a little nervous really because I always feel uncomfortable in a arena full of people, not to mention 11,000 people! However, I made the choice to go with my fiance to a show in Leeds, a Comedy show by a comedian that we both like, Michael McIntyre and I couldn’t wait, although in my head…I was worried about what would happen if I got too panicky!  The thought of so many people in one space frightens me…I’ve never really known why that is really…it just makes me feel nervous that so many people are talking…interacting with one another and I can’t do it confidently…no matter how much I try to get confident….I just can’t ever find that magic spark that can make me do it all the time…Emma notices this and always tries to make me feel…happy I guess…she knows if I don’t feel comfortable doing something, then she won’t make me do it…I appreciate that but always feel somewhat bad because I feel like a burden sometimes…it’s not nice to feel like you hold someone back from having a good time because YOU feel a little nervous.

I do always tell her to have fun, I don’t mind but she never does…she says she is having fun by being with me…I sometimes wonder if she says that to make me feel happy and not feel bad…but I know she means it…I guess I always try to find a fault with most things…probably from being hurt in the past…it’s like a defense wall to protect me from anyone trying to take advantage of me again!

We sat in our seats at the top of our block and watched the start of the show and we enjoyed ourselves…I knew there was so many other people there to do the same thing….come on a night out and enjoy themselves…it was delayed somewhat because sadly someone slipped down some stairs and was hospitalized…Michael McIntyre alerted us that he would come out as soon as he could but for no one else to fall done stairs because their were no more Paramedics left to look after us…funny how he could turn anything into a joke that wasn’t offensive or cruel.

Overall, it was a very fun night and I’m glad I enjoyed it…it’s always good to push the boundaries a little bit more every single time!

Thumbs Up


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