This blog is about a topic I think is a rather annoying one…It’s something that has grown in years and seems to get worse and worse…I never remember this in the 90’s or early 00’s, people could take a joke back then and no one was wrapped in bubble wrap then! I didn’t feel like the world was a nanny state back then! 2015…it’s all be safe and don’t offend anyone. be PC! I not one who wants to offend anyone purposely, never have been but how difficult is it to not accidentally do so because everything can be taken in the wrong way..somehow nowadays and it;s frustrating because the Human Race finds everything offensive, even if it clearly isn’t! Of course some things should never be said like being Racist, Homophobic, Sexist etc those things are always bad and I don’t tolerate any of them but things like TV Shows, Games, Blogs, Opinions…how so many people get so wound up that they go out of their way to complain because their life has been so affected by what someone has written about a DR Who episode or a South Park Episode…just don’t watch…it’s that simple…

I am a human being, one that happens to have Mild Autism and happens to go on about it day in and day out for some reason…and I feel like I am always missing something when it comes to understanding it all…There is so much to learn and understand about Autism that I don’t think I’ll ever learn it all and I know many around the world won’t either, in fact many mock me for it because I don’t have a million  friends, don’t talk all the time and sometimes like my own personal space but I won’t go up to them and say that they can’t do it anymore! I won’t run and tell, I am a grown man and I know life’s too short to sound like a little baby! I mean-

  • Others not understanding will always happen
  • Being called a Faker by people who see me with friends…Their wrong but I won’t stop them…they wouldn’t anyway
  • Other People Not Liking What You Say…sorry for having an opinion world

Everyone always has an answer, not everyone will agree and will think your lying because it hasn’t happened to them…Newsflash, you aren’t the only one with Autism, there are many all across the globe so off the High Horse already! Why is it so easy to offend or upset someone in this day and age? It feels impossible to say something without someone getting annoyed about it and they have to make a point about it….it’s like someone watching a TV program when they shouldn’t be…it gets complained about so no one else can watch it? I mean how about instead of ruining something for everyone else, you stop watching it instead?

I posted a blog about some experiences I went through growing up with my Autism and someone commented by saying it was Bulls*** because it hadn’t happened to them…really? Your entitled to your opinion but can you really sit there and assume because something hasn’t happened to you that it hasn’t happened to anyone else with Autism on the entire globe? I know that things that haven’t happened to me will have happened to others, I mean of course they have!

I’ll never understand it…I mean we are all allowed an opinion in this life but if you speak your mind…that one person will be so offended that they will complain for it to be taken down?! I don’t know anymore but I fear for the future of humanity if we can’t take a simple opinion or joke without someone being so offended, their life has been affected so much they complain and ruin it for everyone else….it’s pathetic, I mean I see things that I don’t like….like comedians that joke about Autism for example but I don’t complain about it, I just don’t watch….job done! Why try and ruin something for the rest of us if your offended…switch it off!

If when I become a parent and my kids watch something that they shouldn’t and pick something up from it like a swear word or a scene that is so horrifying they have nightmares, I won’t complain to the TV Company or online, I’ll turn the show off or put something else on…enough said! Bet some people get annoyed by that statement…I don’t know what it’s like…bla bla Your right I don’t, I haven’t gone through life as a parent yet, how could I possibly know whether a show will be too bad for my children, well that’s for me to decide, isn’t it but I do know that many other people will enjoy those shows so no…I won’t complain…I can’t guarantee they won’t ever watch it again, I mean they could watch it at a friends house or when I’m not a home…I won’t put them in a bubble because it’s impossible to keep them from every single evil in this world but I can try my best to advise them to not want to go near them! Of course things like Alcohol, Cigarettes and Sex…that’s obvious but a TV show like Family Guy or a game like GTA…I can try and tell them to not play them…but if they happen to…I won’t go online and call them evil either…I’ll experience all of this someday but as a person, I know I won’t try and get a show off the air, I’ll just stop my children from watching…like using child blockers on the computer for example.

If you read a blog and someone says something you don’t agree with, don’t go out of your way to say it’s crap because chances are, they won’t care…they’ll just laugh because you sound so wound up by it and how you sound like you own the internet Mr or Mrs know it all, we can all have our opinions but if yours will always be negative, either keep it to yourself or simply don’t read it! IS THAT SO HARD OR DOES YOUR VOICE NEED TO BE HEARD THAT MUCH?

Can’t we all be like Tim?


I wish everyone could be like that…so much for opinions, it feels illegal to have one! Life’s to short to take everything so offensively, I mean I get mocked for having Autism, I don’t hide away, I get on with my life because it’s a one time thing and it’s short so make the most of it!

Short term…don’t like something…turn it off and move on…end of!

On come the haters who have been offended


  1. It’s funny, ’cause you’re complaining about not being able to have opinions, while complaining about people having opinions.

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