What a weekend it has been for football, well I haven’t had much luck as of yet, went to Huddersfield vs Bristol City yesterday when it’s freezing cold and wet…lost 2-1 not fun! anyway the biggest talking point was obviously A.F.C Bournemouth beating Manchester United just less than a week after beating Chelsea! my god what has happened to Man United? It’s embarrassing now because they look so far removed from what they once were…I dare say even David Moyes squad was more intimidating than this one!

Manchester City won, Manchester United lost…Arsenal win? I certainly hope so, a win would send us to the top of the table until tomorrow at the very least when Leicester play Chelsea! We’ve been here before…a chance to go 1st and Arsenal haven’t taken it the last two attempts…3rd times the charm, maybe? We travel to Villa Park, a place we haven’t lost at for quite some time so that has to be encouraging for Gunner fans!

Hopefully, we will not suffer any more injuries today! The last thing we need to be honest, our squad is depleted enough as it is and we all deep down, know that no one will come in January…if they do, it’ll only be one player!

We won the last time we were there and as well, we beat a much stronger Villa side in the F.A Cup Final last season 4-0 but that doesn’t guarantee us a win today if we don’t turn up and take it seriously, Arsenal Win F.A Cup  We can win today, we can go top, if only for a day but what would you take, Leicester beating Chelsea or Chelsea doing us a favor? I don’t know to be honest which I’d rather have! A draw?

I will go for a 2-0 win for Arsenal today but I will be careful in saying that just because Aston Villa haven’t been fantastic this season…so far that they won’t cause us a problem…they are at home and they were able to hold Man City to a draw!


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