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And it’s time to look at WWE’s lat PPV of 2015…TLC and….hang on…is this a PPV? the matches look like an episode of Raw though? You sure it’s an actual PPV? Ok then…we have

  1. Roman Reigns vs Sheamus- TLC Match
  2. Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose- Intercontinental Championship
  3. Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger- Chairs Match- United States Championship
  4. Charlotte Flair (w/v Ric Flair) vs Paige- Divas Championship
  5. Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno vs Wyatt Family- Tables Match
  6. New Day vs Lucha Dragons vs Usos- Ladder Match- Tag Team Tittles
  7. Ryback vs Rusev


Main Event: Roman Reigns vs Sheamus- TLC Match for the WWE WHC


Is this really a main event match? I thought it was a practical joke?! No?? Ok then…either way, WWE loses in my book because if Sheamus wins, we continue this horrible lackluster storyline of the League of Nations vs the Family….great stable name WWE…not to mention that it would be a foregone conclusion about the Royal Rumble, unless WWE pulls a swerve and gives Reigns the win at Royal Rumble. If Roman Reigns gets the win at TLC…you might ask yourself the question….why give the belt to Sheamus in the first place if he was going to drop it a few weeks later to the same guy he beat for it? Makes no sense but then again….Christian…enough said!

Might be an ok match but I will say that Sheamus will retain his belt via interference from the League of Nations who Roman will beat up and Sheamus will grab the belt via the distraction which will bring to end TLC which to be honest sounds more like an episode of Raw than anything else!

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose- Intercontinental Championship


For me, it should be the match of the night because you have two superstars that the WWE Universe likes a lot going at it for the Intercontinental Championship, what’s not to love? That it’s at TLC, a throwaway PPV? This should be a Wrestlemania or Summerslam worthy match if you ask me, they are both great wrestlers who should be up at the top and I know many think WWE has  no faith in Dean Ambrose…for some reason, I mean the guy, if used correctly could be the next Stone Cold, I’d certainly take him over Roman Reigns and Sheamus anyday!

As much as I”d love to see Dean Ambrose hold the Intercontinental Championship and build himself up as so many other greats did, I doubt WWE will pull the trigger tonight…I mean I have seen people say that Dean Ambrose shouldn’t be Intercontinental Champion and I’m like, why? People moan that Roman Reigns isn’t built up by winning mid card titles along the way yet when Dean Ambrose has a chance to do that, he shouldn’t be? I’d rather he worked up the ladder with a run with this belt and then got into the WWE Championship picture, it would mean more if you ask me but for me, Kevin Owens walks out after a long battle, whether it’s a clean finish or a disqualification, who knows…could be either but it should be a good match, the match of the night I hope! I just hope the finish doesn’t ruin it!

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger- Chairs Match- United States Championship


Jack Swagger? Is that you? You still work for the WWE? And yet somehow you’ve earned a U.S Championship match? Ok…I guess but really WWE? You expect me to think for one second that Swagger has a chance of winning the belt? You’ve buried him so many times when you had the chance to do something great with him…Zack Ryder laughs at him! And as for ADR, I can’t think of a wrestler I couldn’t give a s*** less about than him, his personality bores the hell out of me and puts me to sleep, he can wrestle, of course! He’s just so boring and you push him so much for whatever reason, all of his championship reigns are forgettable, I remember Kane’s 1 day reign with the WWE Championship than any of ADR’S!

Sadly, once again we will see ADR retain..probably with a move using a chair in that all popular Chairs Match WWE does…for some reason? Bet that was a Kevin Dunn idea! Anyway sorry Swagger but I hope you enjoyed the brief moment on TV again because after tonight, I doubt we’ll see much more of you for a while…I mean what else will WWE use you for apart from the occasional Patriotic moments and WWE Main Event shows?

Charlotte w/v Ric Flair vs Paige Divas Championship


Oh wow, that Divas Revolution…anyone still care about that? For me, it’s dull and going nowhere because all it’s ever been about is who started it! That’s all it’s ever been about! Who cares? Paige is so confusing, Heel, Face, Heel, Face….is she the next Big Show for turns? As for Charlotte…You know what I take back what I said before about ADR, Charlotte is way more boring! I mean it’s I’m Ric Flair’s daughter WOOOOOOOOOO! every week and now we even see Ric Flair with her daughter every week, is that so people will cheer for Charlotte? Mrs no personality so she reminds us all shes Ric’s daughter instead because lord knows why she can’t make it out on her own? You don’t see Roman Reigns telling us that Rosey is his brother or Bray Wyatt acknowledge Bo Dallas, do you? All Charlotte has done is tell us again and again and again she’s Ric Flairs daughter

Once again, Charlotte will win, probably by being the dirtiest player in the game…oh wow, how creative WWE! If she didn’t talk about her family every five seconds, I might not complain so much about her because as far as I can see, she has no personality of her own and WWE don’t want fans to go off her so they stuck Ric Flair by her so people wouldn’t boo. Paige won’t win and we’ll have to listen to her moan and whine again because she’s….I don’t is she a Heel or a Face this week? Anyway Charlotte win!

Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno vs Wyatt Family- Tables Match


The Wyatts must win, if they lose this match…who could take them seriously anymore? I mean, if you can’t beat a team like the Dudley Boys, Rhyno and Tommy Dreamer when..let’s face it are at the ends of there careers! Then why should anyone ever think that The Wyatts will ever go far in the WWE! 4 giants that lose PPV match after PPV match, most feuds, they end up on the losing side! John Cena, Brothers of Destruction, Roman Reigns…just some examples of feuds the Wyatts have lost…sadly

I will go for a Wyatt win, I have to believe that WWE won’t let them lose this match because the internet will just implode with people complaining about The Wyatts just being jobbers! This could be a good match but I just see WWE screwing it up somehow…I mean they had Tommy Dreamer eliminate the Wyatts on Raw…WTF? the Wyatts are on a thin line between being taken seriously and being slowly ignored…please WWE….DON’T SCREW THIS UP! I know that’s hard for you because your not very intelligent but we like the Wyatts, they could be huge if you let them! If Only!

New Day vs Lucha Dragons vs Usos- Ladder Match- Tag Team Tittles


Please WWE, let the New Day retain, they deserve it after being the most entertaining thing on your shows for weeks now…everything else doesn’t match up to them! Just imagine the ratings if New Day hadn’t been on the shows in the last two months…it’s be even worse! The Usos…shouldn’t win straight away and I think the Lucha Dragons need a bit more time to get crowds behind them…it goes quiet a lot when they come out. It should be a good match with plenty of spots but I think New Day will steal a win…numbers game and all! I wouldn’t mind if any of the other teams win either…they probably shouldn’t though but I have a feeling that this faction feud, The Family vs League of Nations (w/v New Day) will have one belt change at TLC…wonder which one

Ryback vs Rusev


Last minute add on but round three for Rusev and Ryback…prepare for a finish involving Lana no doubt…fans chant we want Lana but I wonder why…the spark is gone and it won’t be anything special anymore…Lana’s moment is gone and since WWE is still mad with her for you know what…she probably won’t get a chance to shine…unless it’s by Rusev’s side….sad but WWE is piety like that…anyway…I don’t care….Rusev win….whatever

Just let 2016 come about already!

Get well soon Seth

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