taped-mouth-joshjanssenA bit ago, I wrote a little blog on being easily offended when I was in a bad mood! it was called Autism And Being Offended and well…other people who read good points about it and I agree with them completely, one of those points was pretty much that things change….I made a point of saying how things seemed different in the 90’s compared to today but then again….things change for a reason! You can never please everyone, it’s impossible…no matter what you do or say, someone will disagree and have an argument! However….is that a bad thing? Not really, I mean it’s good that people want to take a stand against things in this world that may offend or upset anyone or anything…like anything that comes out of Katie Hopkins mouth for example…she has the right to say it but I never agree with anything she says!  If you don’t know who that is…don’t try and find out!

I found one problem with that though and it’s this

  • I don’t always handle change well

I have never been able to accept change very good, It scares me sometimes because…well, I have no idea but if something suddenly changes, it’s something that I have to learn from scratch and normally by the time I’ve learnt whatever it is….it’s changed again and I have to start all over again! It’s frustrating really because it takes me a while to get the hang of something, then I worry about not doing it right and that stresses me out! Don’t get me wrong, I accept that things change…If things stayed the same, it would be boring!

  • I worry so much about offending people, I get paranoid that everything I say…someone will take something offensively…I’m told by family and friends that I shouldn’t think about it so much but I can’t help it, it concerns me all the time really.
  • I guess my issue with people complain about ‘small things’ just my opinion was that all I ever could see is negativity, it would be rare for me to see an argument on say Facebook or Twitter end peacefully…you see people say controversial things on TV or online that sparks outrage, look up any of them…not hard to find but it just seemed that everywhere I look, whether it be a review for an episode of a show, it was full of complaints…granted it’s common online…it just gets too much when it’s everywhere…people have the right to do it! I get that but I just wonder where we go from here…what will it be like 10 years from now?
  • End of the day, people have a right to complain if they disagree with something, the world is forever changing and it’s just how things are in this day and age…you can’t please everyone, no matter what you do!

I don’t intend to offend anyone, I worry if I ever do because I always try to be respectable to all if I can but I know that now and then, I will accidentally say something that someone will take the wrong way…have you ever posted a comment on a Facebook page like your favorite football team and had someone tell you to go and kill yourself? Lovely! Some people don’t care, some do…you can’t stop people from feeling offended…you can’t stop people from complaining….so then….leave things the way they are…let it sort itself out…..ok…done!


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