Monday Night Football and this week, we have High Flying Leicester City taking on the Premier League Champions Chelsea in an highly anticipated game at the Kings Power Stadium! Whoever wins, it will have a major impact on the Premier League table that will affect everyone from top to bottom because if Leicester Win, they return to the summit but if Chelsea win, it could be the start of an expected comeback for them….probably anyway!

It’s been amazing how Leicester have been the team that everyone is talking about! Especially since last season, they were battling for survival to stay in the Premier League! And Chelsea….what can be said that hasn’t already been said, they are in a crisis…no other way of looking at it…they are the Champions and they sit just above the Relegation zone! Unheard of! It’s turning into the craziest Premier League season ever and it’s great!

If your an Man U, Man City or Spurs fan, what would you prefer…a Leicester win and further humiliation poured onto Chelsea or a Chelsea win and Leicester lose some ground as Arsenal stay on top of the table? And if your an Arsenal fan…Are you supporting Chelsea tonight? Because a win by them ensures we stay 1st in the league but it’s tough, given the rivalry between Arsenal and Chelsea to want to support them but even though winning for Chelsea would be doing Arsenal a favor, I highly doubt they are thinking about that as they need wins and they need them now!

A tough one to call, seeing how Leicester have been on fire lately! Whereas Chelsea have pretty much been the opposite, recently losing to Bournemouth but don’t worry Chelsea, Man U lost to them as well!  Even though I want Arsenal to stay on top of the League, I see Leicester’s high form beating Chelsea tonight….it’ll be close I’ll assume so I’ll go for a 2-1 win for Leicester City who seem unstoppable at the moment…could you imagine Leicester in the Champions League next season? It could happen…weirder things have happened so don’t write it off!

So A Leicester win for me but I won’t complain if they lose either…a draw…I could live with that as well

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