Welll…who else saw…that finish coming?! How funny was it when you think about it….at the start of 2015, Roman Reigns was booed by the Philadelphia Crowd as he won the Royal Rumble Match…fast forward to TLC and they are cheering him! Funny how much can change in a year?! First off, Sheamus retained the Championship (Who didn’t see that coming) after a decent match with a few good spots but nothing special and the crowd didn’t sound like it wasn’t in to it! We want Cena! Daniel Bryan and NXT chants throughout…yet after the match finished, we see HHH come out to check on Sheamus and….


Roman Reigns snaps…he destroys the League of Nations single handily, I don’t get that bit…it just confirms that the group was a big mistake if you ask me because this isn’t the first time that he’s beaten them up! and then beats the hell out of HHH and the crowd was into it! ‘Thank You Roman!’ chants broke out and it was good…Badass Roman arrives at long last and I am happy about that! But as much as it was good, I feel as if WWE will screw this up somehow…it’s WWE after all! They won’t turn him Heel because he is to be Cena’s heir! One question….why can’t the top guy be a Heel? Just a thought but Roman Reigns as a heel…I’ll stop complaining about WWE! I’ll praise Roman Reigns because this works, he beats up everyone and looks cool doing it…hang on…comes out and destroys everyone??? Who does that remind you off!



When Kane debuted, he was a badass! Entrance was spine chilling, he destroyed everything and everyone in his wake every week and scared everybody! I saw a bit of that in Reigns tonight, he took out 4 superstars alone and the boss as well and it’s something he can do weekly and people will love it, because it’s more believable as a Heel…A face Reigns is unbelievable and dull to watch…he’s a smug bastard who people want to see destroy people for fun and not give a damn! I thought that if you put Kane and John Cena together, you get a Roman Reigns! No cheesy lines WWE!


You hear WWE? No stupid scripts….no cheesy lines, let Reigns be himself! Do that and you’ll have no problems! It’s so simple because this Reigns….will save your ratings! So simple yet you’ll screw it up! You’ll keep Reigns as a face and make him do promos that people will boo and complain about…you have a chance to do something good and you won’t do it…because it’s PG, you can’t have a big mean bully as your top guy…think of the children etc etc Your call WWE but it’s an insane one!


Next up, we have a new Intercontinental Champion in Dean Ambrose, YES! this is what I wanted from this PPV and it was great! Ambrose so deserves this belt and it’s another step up the ladder for him which I think is the better way to go, rather than just be put at the top like Reigns has…Ambrose has held both mid card championships and had high profile matches in the last couple of years against Rollins and Bray Wyatt, he’s crazy and the fans like him…why isn’t he getting the special treatment? I’ll never understand because I’d rather by supporting Ambrose than Reigns but anyway, a good match against Kevin Owens of course, I said it would be! But it was only nine minutes! That’s my only criticism because…well the booking was poor for the rivalry… I remember back in January how Ambrose wanted to win the championship! we went through that hot potato thing with the belt up to Wrestlemania and after that…he was out of the championship picture up till November and now we come full circle with Ambrose winning the IC Championship and it puts to an end a poor reign by Kevin Owens which is a shame really because Fight Owens Fight! Where has he gone this year? Another star affected by coming up from NXT

Tables match….full of bad botches and thank goodness…the Wyatts won, yet I still have a complaint! Erik Rowan! Why always him…why does WWE go out of it’s way to make him look like the weak link…he’s always the fall guy for the Wyatt’s….At Survivor Series…The Brothers of Destruction easily disposed of him and at TLC, he was the only one eliminated on his team…has he got heat backstage or something? And WWE…why couldn’t Bubba Ray light that damn table? Can’t we see a flaming table in WWE anymore? A match that should have been much better and shown a true image of the Wyatt’s for 2016 yet Erik Rowan couldn’t be a apart of that?!

Hated the Divas Championship Match…it was bad, don’t care what you say, Charlotte is so horrible to watch now because she is a former shell of what she was in NXT….it’s just Ric Flair this and Ric Flair that…why is WWE trying to make Charlotte exactly like her Father? Paige was poor as well and I never felt I would ever say that but last night’s match….neigh the entire Divas Revolution has been a joke…This is the worst the Divas have ever been and that’s not a joke! It’s the truth, it’s cringeworthy! Nothing beats an ‘Independent’ Diva trying to act like a man in the ring, right? Because that’s all that Charlotte does…Paige sounds like a stroppy teenager and the Bellas are those bullies you see hanging in the hallways at school, mocking everyone who doesn’t have friends…The Divas Revolution is nothing more than a High School Drama! Is Goldust writing for them again?

New Day retains but damn…that move by Kalisto was sick!


This didn’t finish the match though…Of all things…it was a trombone! Kalisto has properly arrived and I hope he does many other great moments throughout his career! It was right that the New Day retained because they have kept anything positive on Raw recently so retaining was a good call by WWE….not often they do that so I’ll take this but I think the Lucha Dragons will be taken more seriously now…As for the Usos…is it me or were they better before that injury! Their involvement in the Family group has hampered them slightly because not only do they play off it, they barely appear behind Reigns to help him at all…kind of makes the whole storyline pointless, Reigns don’t need the Usos!

Oh…and there was a chairs match as well…thrown together rather awkwardly really…Swagger is a former World Champion and has won an Elimination Chamber Match yet no one ever really thought that he has a chance in hell to beat ADR and they were right…He lost and ADR is still the U.S Champion! Needs to keep it warm for this dude


To return soon…Finally, Rusev vs Ryback…nothing special…Rusev wins…. who cares…move on to a better feud! ok, Review over, it gets a C for effort but that’s it…Reigns was good, The Ladder Match was good…WWE hates Erik Rowan and The Divas…I give up!

Grade: C

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