Merry December everyone, it’s not quite Christmas Day as of yet but it’s getting awful close and I’m feeling quite stressed about it as the day gets ever so closer because there is still so much left to do and I feel like there isn’t enough time to do it in! With my job, family stuff and spending time with my fiance and mates, it gets tricky to get all the presents I need to buy everyone bought, all the food we need for Christmas dinner purchased and all of the decorations up in time…not to mention getting enough sleep after long days as well, it can get on top of you at times and is really stressful so I need an outlet to relieve said stress. Maybe a nice relaxing bath?

I hope I’m not the only one concerned about getting all the presents I’m getting for OTHER people sorted out and I always wonder if other people I know put in as much effort or should I just relax and go at a slower pace? I almost have them all, just two to go and I don’t have to think about it for another year which will fly by so I will! That and all the music you hear at Christmas can drive you insane when you hear the same song for the 34th time in a week!

Personally, I do love Christmas,  I really do! it’s a special time of year where I spend the day with my family and it’s always a lot of fun! It’s hard work to make it special with all the buying presents and all that, making sure everything arrives on time and all that but it’s always worth it at the end of the day! It’s my second Christmas living with my fiance and I can’t wait for it…a new coffee machine for us…can’t believe I’m getting excited about a coffee machine!

I know that for Christmas you have various groups that either

  • Love Christmas
  • Hate Christmas
  • Don’t really care
  • Celebrate something else

Some don’t celebrate Christmas for different reasons, some because they have no family or because they just don’t want to! It’s a holiday that affects everyone in many different ways, you can’t avoid it unless you go out into the middle of nowhere, find a cave and put your fingers in your ears and close your eyes from October to mid January at the very least! And like I said before, not everyone celebrates Christmas, for example Hanukkah.

Out of all the days of the year, Christmas seems to be the one that brings out the most in people, everyone gets involved somehow, whether it be being excited about the day or complaining about how much they hate the whole thing, the rest are ok with it, they acknowledge the holiday exists but won’t go crazy for it and that’s ok…it isn’t law that you have to do anything at Christmas!

I don’t know…how do the holidays affect you guys? Is it a fun and wonderful few days where you spend time with family and loved ones, having food, watching TV, going to church etc or is it a stress filled month that you can’t wait to be over and done with because your wallet is always empty at the end of it and you can’t believe so much fuss is made over one day of the year…not to mention in the UK, on Boxing Day…Easter Eggs go out on store shelves which isn’t really until April…you have 4 months to find that special Easter Egg you want to devour!

Are you a lover of Christmas or Do you not really care?

As long as people remember when Xmas actually finishes! Some can get carried away and still be celebrating it in January!

Happy Holidays!

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