Just in case you’ve been living under a rock at all this week, Roman Reigns has had his triggered pulled on this week’s Monday Night Raw by winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by beating Sheamus clean in the Main Event in a Career vs Championship Match and we even got to see Vince McMahon return…on the night Reigns wins the belt…what a coincidence…the one who wants to push Reigns is behind it all…

In a move I certainly didn’t expect to see this week is a shocker and a good one at that. At this stage, I’ll take anyone over Sheamus as champion…well maybe not Big Show but it was a call we all knew was coming and I’m glad it’s come now, better than having Reigns have to win the Royal Rumble again! But where are the IWC complainers now….how long until they get bored of Reigns being ‘shoved’ down our throats! But one question comes to mind…the Royal Rumble winner faces the Champion at Wrestlemania…rumors and teasers have suggested we will see HHH vs Reigns….more than likely at Wrestlemania! So…is HHH winning the Royal Rumble, or is Reigns going to lose the belt, more than likely via HHH screwing him out of the championship, leading to a match. I think this is the most likely scenario as HHH has no business winning the Rumble now…give it to an upcoming star ¬†but if HHH is to face Reigns then I don’t think it’ll be for the Championship…because if the Rumble Winner is to face the Champion…then how does that make sense, unless they just have HHH win it which would suck!

So there you have it, The Roman Empire is Here and it has lasted longer than 5:15, Well done Roman, hope WWE doesn’t screw this up!

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